Rehabilitation counselling

The rehabilitation counsellor will advise and support you and your loved ones if your life situation changes due to an injury or long-term illness.

The purpose of the rehabilitation counselling is to support the person with a severe disability to cope with everyday life in their own living environment.

The rehabilitation counsellor evaluates the customer's situation comprehensively, assesses the rehabilitation needs and, if necessary, plans, launches and monitors the rehabilitation process.

The counsellor advices and guides the customer on how to find and access the necessary services.

The rehabilitation counsellor operates across the organisational borders and integrates the different available services into an efficient entity. If necessary, rehabilitation counselling may launch the compiling process of a rehabilitation plan.

The rehabilitation counsellor makes home and school visits, participates in treatment and network meetings and also calls these meetings, when necessary. Rehabilitation counsellors can be contacted by the patient, their next of kin or the party responsible for the treatment.

Rehabilitation counselling is free of charge to the customer.