Office for Non-institutional Work Activities

We provide work activities to unemployed individuals receiving youth or adult social work services, as well as clients of Helsinki Employment Services

Please note that visits are available by appointment only.

Contact information

Hopeatie 6, 5. floor, 00440 Helsinki View location on service map
P.O. Box 8640, 00099 City of Helsinki

You can access non-institutional work activities, for example, through regional social work for adults and young people, Child Welfare after-care, social work of Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Services and Helsinki Employment Services. If you have a designated worker, tell them about your interest in non-institutional work activities. They can steer you to the right place.  

  • Individual employment counselling and participation coaching: Our instructors will engage in discussions with you, exploring your employment opportunities and meaningful leisure activities, providing guidance and support. 

  • Social rehabilitation: Together, we will assess your functional capacity and rehabilitation needs, working towards enhancing your ability to cope with everyday challenges and fostering your participation in society. 

  • Education support: We encourage and support your pursuit of education, aiming to facilitate your successful re-entry into the workforce. 

  • Training opportunities: You have access to a range of courses, including safety training, first aid and vocational courses, allowing you to acquire new skills and knowledge relevant to the job market. 

  • Guidance in accessing services and support: We assist you in navigating the application process for our services and accessing additional support that may be available to you. 

  • Worksite and educational institution visits: We organise visits to workplaces and educational institutions, providing you with valuable exposure to different work environments and educational opportunities. 

  • Certificate of attendance: Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of attendance, which can serve as a useful document when applying for employment or pursuing further studies. 

There are three teams in non-institutional work activities:  

Building and property teams  

In the building and property teams, we maintain and renovate the built environment, properties and yard areas. Our tasks are assistive and supplementary in nature.  

Rehabilitation instructor’s contact information: tel. +358 9 3104 6040(Link starts a phone call) 

Nature and environment teams  

In the nature and environment teams, we keep Helsinki green and tidy. We primarily operate in the city's parks and natural areas. Our tasks encompass park maintenance, upkeep of green spaces, forestry tasks and urban farming. 

Rehabilitation instructor’s contact information: tel. +358 9 3103 2597(Link starts a phone call) 

Home care assistive teams  

The home care assistive teams play a vital role in the daily lives of seniors, providing additional support to home care services. As a team member, you will acquire skills in various assistive home care tasks while assisting and supporting home care clients. Your objective will be to offer practical assistance and ensure that seniors can continue living comfortably in their own homes, fulfilling their desire for independence. 

Home care assistive teams are conveniently located in different parts of Helsinki, particularly near Ring I and south of it, with excellent transportation links for easy access. 

In addition to home care, there are also opportunities to contribute to tasks such as café and laundry services, as well as facility operations. 

Rehabilitation instructor’s contact information: tel. +358 9 3104 4025(Link starts a phone call) 


Hopeatie 6, 5. floor, 00440 Helsinki
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