Uusix workshops, Kyläsaari

The Uusix workshop operations are intended for unemployed Helsinki residents.

The Uusix workshop operations are designed to empower unemployed Helsinki residents by offering valuable work experiences and skill development opportunities. Our inclusive approach welcomes interns, as well as individuals employed with pay subsidies, to contribute to our vibrant community.

Our primary goal is to provide long-term unemployed individuals with work activities that foster the growth of their vocational skills and enhance their employability. Additionally, our workshops extend their support to include individuals with disabilities, offering work try-outs and pay-subsidy services.

By focusing on your working life skills, life management skills and vocational abilities, we aim to increase your prospects of securing employment in the open labour market.

At Uusix, we boast three distinct work units: Uusix Kyläsaari, Kyläsaari Digital and Remote Services for Work Activities and Uusix Suvilahti. Each unit comprises around 20 departments, providing ample opportunities for learning and acquiring new skills.

Whether you have prior work experience or not, our work activities cater to individuals based on their unique skill sets. With a dedicated team of approximately 100 staff members, we create an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone can thrive. Through our rehabilitative work activities, we engage around 400-500 participants.

Upon completion of our workshops, you will receive a skills certificate, validating your newly acquired expertise. This certificate can prove invaluable when applying for further studies or seeking employment opportunities.

In addition to work activities, we organise diverse training sessions, events and exciting excursions, allowing you to explore new realms and broaden your horizons.

Kyläsaari contact information:
Contact methods, tel. +358 9 310 89501
Email: palvelupiste.uusix@hel.fi

Opening hours:
Work activities Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00
Points of sale (PC shop, bike shop, building material recycling and a shop for recycled products) Mon-Fri 9.00-15.45
Office Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00

Contact information

Kyläsaarenkatu 8, 00580 Helsinki View location on service map
P.O. Box 8644, 00099 City of Helsinki

You can access rehabilitative work activities through Helsinki Employment Services or your designated social worker.  

Our rehabilitation instructor will help you, for example, in taking care of your affairs with Kela, Employment Services and other social services. 

Rehabilitation instructor’s contact information: tel. +358 9 3104 4001 (Link starts a phone call)

Our participation coach supports you when rehabilitative work activities are coming to an end and you are unsure of what path to take next. During rehabilitative work activities, you can also get help in finding meaningful things to do. For example, you can consider and try out a new hobby or other leisure activities together with the participation coach.  

Our employment counsellor helps you in moving towards your work or study goals. They can help you in identifying your strengths and in setting appropriate goals.  

Our sports counsellor organises a wide range of sports activities during work activities.  

Our substance abuse instructor helps you in problem situations in everyday life.  

Various courses allow you to learn new skills, such as IT skills. 

Immigrants can learn working-life Finnish by participating in a basic or advanced course.  

We at the Bike Workshop repair bikes and dismantle them for spare parts. We also have a bike shop where we sell reconditioned bikes and their spare parts.   

We at the Ceramics Workshop mainly manufacture mugs and other utensils for sale. We also manufacture custom-made products. Twice a year, we dedicate a week for designing and implementing our own ideas.  

We at the Jewellery Workshop explore the traditional methods of goldsmithing and apply them in the manufacture of unique pieces of jewellery and small series of jewellery. We manufacture jewellery from recycled materials. 

We at the Craft Workshop knit, crochet and do embroidery. Physical limitations are no obstacle at our workshop. 

We at the Metal Workshop utilise surplus materials from the bike workshop. We use the materials to design and manufacture unique design products for sale at various events and in our joint Uusix Shop. You can also participate in product design workshops.  

We at the Wood & Surface Workshop focus on woodworking and surface treatment. You can make wooden products from start to finish or focus only on surface treatment. You do not need any experience in woodworking. Interest in learning new things is all you need.  

We at the Cleaning Services Workshop keep the workshops clean. You have good chances to find employment through the Cleaning Services Workshop.  

We at the Sales Workshop prepare the Uusix products ready for sale. We take care of pricing, storing, packaging and displaying the products. You can also get practice in customer service and cashier work. We also do marketing.  

We at the Building & Maintenance Workshop do construction work, painting, repairs and property maintenance. The workshop is located in Kyläsaari, but we also work in Suvilahti.   

We at the Recycling & Transport Workshop take care of the recycling yard. If you have a class B driving licence, you can also get to drive our transport vehicle.  

We at the Muusix Workshop prepare lunch and café products. You can also take the Hygiene Passport test. Having the Hygiene Passport can help you in the transition to working life.  

The Virtual Workshop allows participation in work activities remotely.   

We at the PC Workshop recondition or dismantle for parts the City of Helsinki’s decommissioned computers and other devices.  

At the IT Workshop you can either learn IT skills or put your solid IT competence into use.  

The Communications Workshop offers a wide range of tasks in internal and external communications. You get to write articles and practise layout work, graphic design and photography. 


Kyläsaarenkatu 8, 00580 Helsinki
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