Pakila Work Centre

Pakila Work Centre in Helsinki provides valuable rehabilitative work activities for the unemployed and individuals facing employment challenges.

Our main objective is to enhance your working life skills, life management abilities and vocational competencies, ultimately increasing your prospects of securing employment in the open labour market.

At Pakila Work Centre, you will have the opportunity to acquire new skills and familiarise yourself with the principles of working life across six different departments: woodwork, metalwork, paint shop, upholstery shop, logistics services and catering and facility operations.

We understand that everyone has unique abilities and skills, and as such, we will tailor your tasks accordingly. Previous work experience is not required, making our program accessible to all.

With over 320 available placements, Pakila Work Centre offers ample opportunities for individuals seeking rehabilitative work activities. Our dedicated team consists of approximately 60 staff members who are committed to supporting your journey.

Contact information:
tel. +358 9 310 69746

Contact information

Jakokunnantie 26-28, 00660 Helsinki View location on service map

Valid for the time being:
- Mon-Fri 8.00-15.45
- Sat-Sun - Closed

P.O. Box 8642, 00099 City of Helsinki

You can access rehabilitative work activities through Helsinki Employment Services or your designated social worker.  

Our rehabilitation instructor will help you, for example, in taking care of your affairs with Kela, Employment Services and other social services. 

Rehabilitation instructor’s contact information: tel. +358 9 3106 9743(Link starts a phone call) (Link starts a phone call)

Our participation coach is here to support you as you approach the end of your rehabilitative work activities and navigate your next steps. If you're unsure about the path to take, our coach can provide guidance and assistance. Additionally, throughout your participation in rehabilitative work activities, we can help you discover meaningful pursuits. Whether it's exploring a new hobby or engaging in other leisure activities, our participation coach is available to discuss and accompany you on this journey. 

Our employment counsellor is dedicated to assisting you in achieving your work or study goals. They provide valuable support in recognising your strengths while helping you establish realistic and suitable objectives. 

On various courses, you can study digital skills or working-life Finnish that support employment.  

The virtual workshop enables remote participation in work activities as agreed.  

Other support services alongside work activities include sports groups and cultural excursions.  

Pakila Work Centre specialises in furniture and offers a wide range of services, such as recycling, refurbishment, restoration and crafting custom-made furniture for the city’s units. Additionally, we are responsible for the sale of furniture that has been retired from the city's use, ensuring it finds new homes. 

Occasionally, we also extend our expertise to private individuals by accepting repair assignments for their furniture. 

At Pakila Work Centre, sustainability is a core value. We actively contribute to environmental conservation by manufacturing small household items using recycled and surplus materials. Our commitment to reducing waste goes further as we produce briquettes, utilising woodwork by-products, which can be utilised as fuel. 

Our logistics services encompass recycling, transportation, storage, distribution and sales of furniture. You can assist with furniture assembly, washing and transportation. We have our own laundry and shop facilities to support these services. 

Our woodwork division specialises in two primary areas: manufacturing the renowned Pakila furniture series and providing furniture refurbishment services. Join our team and immerse yourself in the art of woodworking, working with a wide range of essential hand and machine tools, including the latest CNC machining technology. 

In our paint shop we add the finishing touches to both new and old furniture. Here, you'll have the opportunity to hone your skills in various finishing techniques, including spray-painting and traditional methods. 

In our upholstery shop we specialise in the fine craft of upholstering furniture, including the unique task of upholstering coffins and urns made in Pakila. Join our team and immerse yourself in the world of upholstery, where you will learn various techniques and have the opportunity to hone your sewing skills.  

Our metalwork division specialises in revitalising outdoor playground equipment, ensuring their safety and functionality for children. We also excel in disassembling and recycling retired furniture from the city's use. In addition to these services, we provide various metalwork services, including machine servicing and other metalworking projects. 

Our catering and facility operations encompass Hyvikki, a renowned food waste restaurant where we skilfully transform discarded ingredients into delicious meals, promoting sustainability. Additionally, in our cafeteria, we handle dishwashing to enhance the dining experience, while in facility operations, our team ensures a well-functioning environment through cleaning, laundry services and caretaker duties. 


Jakokunnantie 26-28, 00660 Helsinki
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