Support family activities

When a child needs special support, support families are there to provide them with time and togetherness.

Support families are ordinary families who have the time, space, and willingness to take care of a child. We provide the training necessary for families to act as support families.

Support families provide parents with a safe place to take their child and have some time for themselves. Support families provide a child with different experiences and new, important relationships that support the child's growth.

Children usually spend weekends, 1-2 nights at a time about once a month, in the support family but otherwise live in their own home. The support families live within 150 kilometres of Helsinki.

The service is intended for children and families who are in need of special support or who are clients of child welfare and have a limited support network.

You can discuss applying for the service with your designated social worker and apply for the service if the application criteria are met.

The service is free of charge.

Do you want to help other families?

Do you have the opportunity to become a support family or a support person for a child or young person? Or are you interested in reception family or foster family activities?

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