Non-institutional Work Activities

Non-institutional work activities are designed to provide rehabilitative work opportunities for unemployed individuals and those with impaired work capacity residing in Helsinki.

Non-institutional work activities specifically target long-term unemployed individuals and those facing work-related challenges due to their impaired capacity.

Non-institutional work activities take place in various public sector workplaces, such as city parks and property maintenance settings. We offer a diverse range of work tasks, allowing you to explore different roles and responsibilities. Throughout your participation, you will receive valuable work coaching and support, as our primary aim is to empower and assist you in identifying your potential and mapping out opportunities for your future.

Within non-institutional work activities, you can engage in a variety of assistive tasks, including home care, café work, cleaning, building and property maintenance, as well as park-related tasks. These work activity locations are spread across Helsinki, ensuring accessibility for participants. Additionally, remote work activities are also available, providing flexibility and convenience.

We tailor the work activity periods to match your needs and functional capacity. With us, you typically work on 2-4 days a week for 4-6 hours a day.

Participation in non-institutional work activities is unpaid, but you have the option to apply for compensation for expenses through Kela. It's important to note that engaging in these activities will not impact your unemployment benefit or social assistance.

One of the great advantages of non-institutional work activities is that they are accessible to individuals without prior work experience, education or training. These activities provide a valuable opportunity to expand your skill set by engaging in real work tasks within a genuine work environment.

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of attendance, which can prove beneficial when applying for future job positions or educational opportunities. It showcases your commitment and involvement in these activities, adding credibility to your application.

You can access non-institutional work activities, for example through regional social work for adults and young people, Child Welfare after-care, social work of Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Services and Helsinki Employment Services. If you have a designated worker, tell them about your interest in non-institutional work activities. They can steer you to the right place.

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