Rehabilitative work for prisoners

The primary goal of rehabilitative work for prisoners is to support the rehabilitation and successful reintegration into society of individuals committed to a substance- and crime-free lifestyle. This includes a strong focus on preventing re-offending.

Rehabilitative work for prisoners encompasses a range of activities designed to address various aspects of rehabilitation and re-entry preparation. It emphasises work placement, substance abuse rehabilitation, housing services, development of housing skills and assistance with debt matters.

To apply for rehabilitative work for prisoners, you will need to undergo an interview with a specialised instructor from Suomenlinna Prison and a rehabilitation instructor from the social rehabilitation team.

If accepted into the program, you will be placed at Suomenlinna Prison. After an orientation period, you will begin engaging in the actual rehabilitative work activities. These tasks may involve building renovation or similar non-institutional work activities. Social services and support for substance abusers are an integral part of our comprehensive services.

Upon your release, employment and social services will continue and your prison work will transition into pay-subsidy employment. Additionally, we are committed to helping you secure suitable housing arrangements after your release to support your successful reintegration.

The service is free of charge.

Service points

Office for Non-institutional Work Activities

Address: Hopeatie 6, 5. floor, 00440 Helsinki