Modified work in work activities

Are you currently involved in work activities but seeking extra income opportunities?

In our modified work programme, you can actively engage in the work activities offered by our activity centre while also taking on occasional tasks that provide you with additional income. Modified work allows you to experiment with various job responsibilities and gauge the workload that suits you best. 

The trial period begins with a limited number of hours, during which you will earn EUR 10 per hour for the work you undertake. To ensure that your overall income remains unaffected, we will collaborate with you to create an income statement, taking your existing benefits into consideration. This ensures that your income level is maintained while you explore these additional earning opportunities. 

What do people do in modified work?  

There are many kinds of modified work tasks, such as:  

  • Cleanliness services, including cleaning and dishwashing  
  • Outdoor work, including gritting, snow clearing and raking  
  • Bagging and packing work  
  • Commissioned sewing  

How can I start doing modified work?  

The journey into modified work begins with your expressed interest in this opportunity. Simply communicate your interest to a member of our Work Activities team. 

In collaboration with you, we'll determine an appropriate timeframe for your work task and identify the requisite skills needed for it. 

During the preparation phase for modified work, we may also create an income and debt statement if it proves necessary, ensuring that your financial considerations are addressed. Your skill development will be finely tuned through participation in our work activities. 

You won't be alone as you embark on this work trial. Typically, you'll be working alongside peers who, like you, are engaged in similar tasks. In cases where additional support is needed, a designated support person will be available to accompany you to your work assignments, ensuring a smooth and comfortable transition. 

What does ordering modified work require of the customer?  

Our services are available to a wide range of customers, including companies, associations, organisations, private individuals, and municipal entities. As a customer, you will be charged EUR 14.50 per hour (+ VAT 24%) for each employee involved in the work assignment, while the individual performing the work receives EUR 10 per hour. 

It's important to note that as our customer, you are not the employer in this arrangement. We handle all employer-related obligations and insurance matters on your behalf. 

By utilising our work activities to accomplish your tasks, you provide opportunities for individuals capable of part-time work and modified work to gain valuable work experience. These assignments can involve multiple workers and may also be periodic in nature, providing flexibility to suit your specific needs. Additionally, our support person can accompany the workers to ensure a seamless work process. 

As the customer, you are responsible for the following:  

  • Describing the work task and induction  
  • Notifying the date, time and number of hours of work  
  • Providing the work equipment if any  
  • Accepting the terms and conditions of work  
  • Selecting the appropriate invoicing option and paying the invoice.  

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