Physiotherapist's guidance at service centres

Service centres' physiotherapists will guide you in exercising to improve your fitness and health.

The physiotherapist's guidance is intended for you if you have mobility issues, pains or other problems with your physical functional ability or if you need help to start exercising.

The physiotherapist will help you establish what kind of musculoskeletal issues you may have and how you can strengthen your functional ability by exercising.

The physiotherapist will instruct you in exercises to be done at home or in the gym, for example. The physiotherapist is familiar with the service centres' exercise groups and other exercise possibilities and can make recommendations for you.

In addition, the physiotherapist can advise you on the use of different mobility aids.

Most service centres offer the services of a physiotherapist. You can book an appointment by telephone. Contact information can be found on the pages of the service centres.

The service is free of charge. You need a service centre card to access the service. You can get a card free of charge from the service centres' information desk.

Service points

17 service points

Itäkeskus Service Centre

Address: Voikukantie 6, 00930 Helsinki

Kamppi Service Centre

Address: Salomonkatu 21 B, 00100 Helsinki

Kannelmäki Service Centre

Address: Urkupillintie 4, 00420 Helsinki

Kinapori Service Centre

Address: Kinaporinkatu 7-9 A, 00500 Helsinki

Kontula Service Centre

Address: Kontukuja 5, 00940 Helsinki

Koskela Service Centre

Address: Hospitaalinkulku 8, bldg N, 00600 Helsinki

Kustaankartano Service Centre

Address: Oltermannintie 32, E-house, 00620 Helsinki

Laajasalo Service Centre

Address: Rudolfintie 17-19, 00870 Helsinki