Municipal daycare centres offering pre-primary education 2024–2025

On this page you can find both Finnish-language and Swedish-language municipal daycare centres that offer pre-primary education in 2024–2025 as well as their partner schools.

Helsinki is divided into pre-primary education admission areas that are either identical or slightly larger than the school admission areas of basic education. More than one comprehensive school may be in a pre-primary education admission area. Each daycare centre or school providing pre-primary has one or more partner schools with which pre-primary education groups collaborate during the pre-primary year.

You can check your admission area and pre-primary education locations according to the child’s home address on the service map (Link leads to external service)(Link leads to external service). The admission areas are updated on the service map each school year.

Private pre-primary education providers 2024-2025 (PDF)(Link leads to external service) in Finnish

Pre-primary education admission area Location Partner school
  Daycare Poutapilvi Hietakumpu Primary School
  Daycare Karvikka Hietakumpu Primary School
  Daycare Longinoja Hietakumpu Primary School
  Daycare Suvi Hietakumpu Primary School



  Daycare Aalto Arabia Comprehensive School
  Daycare Arabia Arabia Comprehensive School
  Daycare Floora Arabia Comprehensive School



  Daycare Myrskyluoto Merilahti Comprehensive School
  Daycare Merirasti Merilahti Comprehensive School
  Daycare Auringonpilkku Aurinkolahti Comprehensive School
  Daycare Kanava Aurinkolahti Comprehensive School 
  Daycare Katiska Merilahti Comprehensive School
  Daycare Rastila Merilahti Comprehensive School
  Daycare Kallahti Merilahti Comprehensive School 



  Daycare Kanerva Pohjois-Haaga Primary School
  Daycare Lassi Pohjois-Haaga Primary School
  Daycare Niitty Pohjois-Haaga Primary School
  Daycare Aada Pohjois-Haaga Primary School


Daycare Laajasuo-Daycare Tonttula (Valkeatalo) Haaga Comprehensive School, Pohjois-Haaga Primary School
  Daycare Haaga Haaga Comprehensive School
  Daycare Kylätie Haaga Comprehensive School



  Daycare Satama Herttoniemenranta Primary School
  Daycare Tuorinniemi Herttoniemenranta Primary School
  Daycare Merituuli Herttoniemenranta Primary School
  Daycare Herttoniemi Hertsikka Primary School
  Daycare Siilitie Hertsikka Primary School



  Daycare Tammi Metsola Primary School
  Daycare Haltia Metsola Primary School 



  Daycare Kankarepuisto Kankarepuisto Comprehensive School 


  Daycare Poikkilaakso Poikkilaakso Primary School



  Daycare Jätkäsaari Jätkäsaari Comprehensive School
  Daycare Jaala Jätkäsaari Comprehensive School
  Daycare Livornonkatu Jätkäsaaren Comprehensive School
  Daycare Kalasatama Kalasatama Comprehensive School
  Daycare Ariel Kalasatama Comprehensive School
  Daycare Verkkosaari  Kalasatama Comprehensive School



  Daycare Franzenia Kallio Primary School
  Daycare Linnunlaulu Kallio Primary School
  Daycare Alppimaja Aleksis Kivi Comprehensive School
  Daycare Kamppi Ressu Comprehensive School
  Daycare Elias Taivallahti Comprehensive School
  Daycare Lappi Ressu Comprehensive School



  Daycare Soittaja Kannelmäki Comprehensive School


Daycare Kannel Kannelmäki Comprehensive School
  Daycare Pelimanni Kannelmäki Comprehensive School
  Daycare Kuninkaantammi Kannelmäki Comprehensive School
  Daycare Kaarelanraitti Kannelmäki Comprehensive School



  Daycare Karhi Konala Primary School 
  Daycare Kolkka Pitäjänmäki Comprehensive School 
  Daycare Taneli Pitäjänmäki Comprehensive School
  Daycare Mestari Strömberg Primary School



  Daycare Kulosaari Kulosaari Primary School



  Daycare Jousi Keinutie Primary School
  Daycare Nalli Keinutie Primary School (branch: Nalli school) 
  Daycare Kurki Keinutie Primary School



  Daycare Herttua Koskela Primary School
  Daycare Koskela Käpylä Comprehensive School
  Daycare Käpylinna Yhtenäiskoulu Comprehensive School
  Daycare Kumpupilvi Käpylä Comprehensive School



  Daycare Ilomäki Laajasalo Comprehensive School
  Daycare Yliskylä Laajasalon Comprehensive School



  Daycare Satakieli Latokartano Comprehensive School
  Daycare Toivo Latokartano Comprehensive School
  Daycare Leskenlehti Latokartano Comprehensive School
  Daycare Kissankello Latokartano Comprehensive School
Lauttasaari (Vattuniemi separately in the list)



  Daycare Lokki Lauttasaari Primary School
  Daycare Lauttasaari Lauttasaari Primary School


  Daycare Eloisa Pakila Primary School



  Daycare Kaunokki Pihkapuisto Primary School
  Lasten Kartano Malminkartano Primary School
  Daycare Honkasuo  Pihkapuisto Primary School



  Daycare Korento Maunula Primary School 
  Daycare Maunula Maunula Primary School



  Daycare Tunturi Mellunmäki Primary School and Laakavuori Primary School
  Daycare Laakavuori Laakavuori Primary School
  Daycare Fallpakka Mellunmäki Primary School
  Daycare Saana Mellunmäki Primary School 



  Daycare Pajamäki Munkkivuori Primary School
  Daycare Munkkivuori Munkkivuori Primary School
  Daycare Ruusu Munkkiniemi Primary School 
  Daycare Lehtisaari Munkkiniemi Primary School (branch: Lehtisaari school) 
  Daycare Lapinmäki Munkkivuori Primary School
  Daycare Kaartintorppa Munkkiniemi Primary School 



  Daycare Leipuri Myllypuro Comprehensive School
  Daycare Myllynratas Myllypuro Comprehensive School
  Daycare Neulanen Myllypuro Comprehensive School



  Daycare Kulkuri Oulunkylä Primary School
  Daycare Nestori Oulunkylä Primary School
  Daycare Pikku-Veräjä Oulunkylä Primary School



  Daycare Kytöniitty Paloheinä Primary School
  Daycare Pikkusuo Paloheinä Primary School
  Daycare Valkea Paloheinä Primary School



  Daycare Lehdokki Pasila Comprehensive School
  Daycare Susanna Pasila Comprehensive School



  Daycare Savela Pihlajamäki Primary School
  Daycare Marmori Pihlajamäki Primary School
  Daycare Pihlajamäki Pihlajamäki Primary School



  Daycare Louhikko Pihlajisto Primary School
  Daycare Vikkeri Pihlajisto Primary School
  Daycare Maarianmaa Pihlajisto Primary School



  Daycare Meritähti Vuoniitty Comprehensive School
  Daycare Kurkimoisio Vuoniitty Comprehensive School
  Daycare Keula Vuoniitty Comprehensive School
  Daycare Karavaani Vuoniitty Comprehensive School
  Daycare Koralli Puistopolku Comprehensive School
  Daycare Mustakivi Puistopolku Comprehensive School


  Daycare Immola Pukinmäenkaari Comprehensive School (Immola branch) 
  Daycare Asteri Pukinmäenkaari Comprehensive School 
  Daycare Viskuri Pukinmäenkaari Comprehensive School
  Daycare Nuotti Pukinmäenkaari Comprehensive School, Hiidenkivi Comprehensive School
  Daycare Sinivuori Pukinmäenkaari Comprehensive School




Daycare Rööperi Snellman Primary School and Helsinki Normal Lyseum



  Daycare Ruskeasuo Pikku-Huopalahti Primary School
  Daycare Pacius Meilahti Primary School and Pikkuhuopalahti Primary School 
  Daycare Purje Pikku-Huopalahti Primary School
  Daycare Tuuli Pikku-Huopalahti Primary School
  Daycare Pihlaja Meilahti Primary School



  Daycare Porolahti Porolahti Comprehensive School
  Daycare Tammisalo Porolahti Comprehensive School
  Daycare Roihuvuori Roihuvuori Primary School



  Daycare Ruoholahden lastentalo Ruoholahti Primary School
  Daycare Laivuri Ruoholahti Primary School



  Daycare Santahamina Santahamina Primary School



  Daycare Suomenlinna Suomenlinna Primary School



  Daycare Himmeli Siltamäki Primary School
  Daycare Perttu Siltamäki Primary School
  Daycare Seulanen Suutarila Primary School
  Daycare Pentinkulma Suutarila Primary School
  Daycare Vaskiniitty Suutarinkylä Comprehensive School
  Daycare Kaskisavu Suutarinkylä Comprehensive School


  Daycare Tahvonlahti Tahvonlahti Primary School
  Daycare Borgströminmäki Tahvonlahti Primary School
  Daycare Hopealaakso Tahvonlahti Primary School and Kruunuvuorenranta Comprehensive School



  Daycare Jäkälä Hiidenkivi Comprehensive School, Tapanila Primary School
  Daycare Tapanila Hiidenkivi Comprehensive School, Tapanila Primary School
  Daycare Saniainen Hiidenkivi Comprehensive School, Tapanila Primary School
  Daycare Impivaara Hiidenkivi Comprehensive School, Tapanila Primary School



  Daycare Maatulli Maatulli Comprehensive School
  Daycare Satulinna Maatulli Comprehensive School
  Daycare Torpparintupa Torpparinmäki Primary School
  Daycare Vallesmanni Torpparinmäki Primary School



  Daycare Vaahtera Taivallahti Comprehensive School, Töölö Primary School
  Daycare Topelius Töölö Primary School
  Daycare Leppäsuo Taivallahti Comprehensive School
  Daycare Kivelä Taivallahti Comprehensive School, Töölö Primary School



  Daycare Onnela Tehtaankatu Primary School



  Daycare Kotikallio Vallila Primary School
  Daycare Louhi Vallila Primary School
  Daycare Runo Vallila Primary School
  Daycare Fredriksberg Pasila Primary School
Vanha Puistola 



  Daycare Klaara Puistolanraitti Primary School, Puistola Comprehensive School
  Daycare Vihtori Puistolanraitti Primary School, Puistola Comprehensive School
  Daycare Savotta Puistolanraitti Primary School, Puistola Comprehensive School 
  Daycare Nurkka Puistolanraitti Primary School, Puistola Comprehensive School



  Daycare Puotinharju Itäkeskus Comprehensive School
  Daycare Myllytonttu Itäkeskus Comprehensive School
  Daycare Vaapukka Puotila Primary School
  Daycare Puotila Puotila Primary School
  Daycare Viikinki Vartiokylä Primary School
  Daycare Vartiokylä Vartiokylä Primary School



  Daycare Meri Vattuniemi Primary School
  Daycare Pajalahti Vattuniemi Primary School



  Daycare Sakara Vesala Comprehensive School
  Daycare Lammikko Vesala Comprehensive School
  Daycare Kontula Kontula Primary School
  Daycare Ruuti Vesala Comprehensive School
  Daycare Kivilinna Vesala Comprehensive School
  Daycare Liinakko Kontula Primary School, Laakavuori Primary School



  Daycare Kamomilla Viikki Teacher Training School
  Daycare Pehtoori Viikki Teacher Training School
  Daycare Auringonkukka Viikki Teacher Training school


  Daycare Virkkula Kaisaniemi Primary School
  Daycare Vironniemi Kaisaniemi Primary School
  Daycare Katajanokka Katajanokka Primary School



  Daycare Ylä-Malmi Malmi Comprehensive School
  Daycare Aapiskukko Malmi Comprehensive School
  Daycare Kotinummi Malmi Comprehensive School
  Daycare Tilhi Malmi Comprehensive School
  Daycare Takatasku Malmi Comprehensive School
Östersundomin suurpiiri 



  Daycare Sakarinmäki Sakarinmäki Comprehensive School
Pre-primary education locations by admission area and partner schools 2024–2025
Finnish-language pre-primary education


Pre-primary education admission area Location Partner school
Drumsö lågstadieskola     Drumsö daghems förskola Drumsö lågstadieskola    

Grundskolan Norsen   


Kronohagens förskola

Cygnaeus förskola

Grundskolan Norsen  



Minerva förskola Minervaskolan

Sockenstugans förskola

Haga förskola

Malmgårds förskola

Munksnäs förskola

Zacharias Topeliuskolan   Toppans förskola Zacharias Topeliuskolan
Kottby lågstadieskola    

Daghemmet Fenix förskola 

Daghemmet Sesam förskola

Kottby lågstadieskola  
Staffansby lågstadieskola   Staffans förskola Staffansby lågstadieskola 
Åshöjdens grundskola 

Åshöjdens förskola

Daghemmet Fredriksbergs förskola

Åshöjdens grundskola 
Månsas lågstadieskola  Månsas förskola Månsas lågstadieskola
Botby grundskola  Botby förskola Botby grundskola 
Brändö lågstadieskola Daghemmet Domus förskola Brändö lågstadieskola
Degerö lågstadieskola Daghemmet Piltens förskola Degerö lågstadieskola
Nordsjö lågstadieskola   Daghemmet Rastis förskola Nordsjö lågstadieskola  
Pre-primary education locations by admission area and partner schools 2024–2025 
Swedish-language pre-primary education