Comprehensive school studies

We offer children and young people a safe and inspiring learning path. Pupils at our schools study the skills they will need in the future, working both together and independently. Learning is about setting goals, active work, thinking, planning, examination and assessment of the goals set for learning.

Curriculum, school subjects and assessment

The curriculum guides the school's activities, teaching and learning. The curriculum also describes the goals of learning, key content and assessment criteria. The curricula for schools in the City of Helsinki are based on national criteria and local emphases in Helsinki.

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Learning and teaching in Helsinki

What are studying and teaching like in comprehensive school today? What does phenomenon-based learning, inclusion, teacher cooperation or language-aware education mean? Delve into the world of our schools and learning!

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The school day and practical matters

Term dates and holidays, school meals, absences, journeys to and from school, insurance and cooperation between the home and school – read more about these important things regarding education and school days. 

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Oppilaita ja opettaja yhdessä syömässä.
Photo: Jefunne Gimpel

Support for learning, wellbeing and schoolwork

Our schools support the growth and learning of children and young people in many ways. All adults at a school are responsible for taking care of the pupils’ wellbeing.

Learn more about the different forms of support for learning and the services of school health care, school social workers and psychologists. We will also tell you about our anti-bullying activities.

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Koulun oppilaat tekevät koulutyötä tietokoneella
Photo: Jefunne Gimpel

Video: Four Facts about Finnish Basic Education

Four Facts about Finnish Basic Education

See a brief presentation of comprehensive school: compulsory education, teachers, the school day and the assessment of learning.