Why choose general upper secondary school?

General upper secondary school prepares you for further studies at a university or university of applied sciences. General upper secondary school strengthens your general knowledge and gives you a wide set of skills for the future. You can also gain international experiences in general upper secondary education.
Photo: Maija Astikainen

General upper secondary school allows you to build a study path that suits you best. The city-run general upper secondary schools have various special educational tasks, special emphases on particular subjects, and study programmes, such as natural sciences, languages and media. You can deepen your skills according to your own interests.

Our general upper secondary schools provide a motivating study environment. We will support you in your studies and help you achieve your plans for the future. General upper secondary schools are communities that encourage you to follow your own study path and find your place in the world. Find inspiration and achieve success at a City of Helsinki general upper secondary school! 

General upper secondary school could be for you, if...  

  1. you would like to continue your studies at a university or university of applied sciences 
  2.  you are interested in many of things and want to expand your general knowledge 
  3. you like studying and want to strengthen your skills in subjects such as mathematics or foreign languages 
  4. you want to gain memorable study experiences and be part of a school community 
  5. you want to consider your further study and career options  
  6. you want to gain a Finnish matriculation examination certificate by completing the examination in Finnish or Swedish.