What comes after general upper secondary school?

General upper secondary education prepares you for further studies at a university, university of applied sciences and in vocational education and training that is based on the general upper secondary school syllabus.
Photo: Maija Astikainen

Interested in studying at a university or university of applied sciences?  

You can apply to higher education institutions through the Studyinfo online service during the joint application periods taking place every spring and autumn. Higher education institutions can also organise additional application periods for spots left open.   

Most higher education institutions also allow students to apply through the open university route. You can find the application instructions and selection criteria for the open university route on the website of each university or university of applied sciences.  

Would you like to complete a vocational qualification?  

If you have completed the general upper secondary school syllabus, you are eligible to apply for an initial vocational qualification that is based on general upper secondary education during the spring joint application period. You can also apply for vocational education and training throughout the year through rolling admissions. You can receive more detailed information on rolling admissions from educational institutions or the Stufyinfo online service.  

Where can I go to for help if I do not receive a study place after graduating from general upper secondary school?  

If you do not receive a study place in a study programme leading to a degree or qualification after general upper secondary school, you have the right to receive further guidance on career planning and finding a study place. You can primarily receive this further guidance from your general upper secondary school’s guidance counsellor, either through face-to-face meetings or remotely. Your right to further guidance is valid during the year when you complete the general upper secondary school syllabus and the year after that. You also have the right to receive guidance on applying for other studies if your right to study in general upper secondary school is coming to an end or you have notified your school that you are dropping out. See the contact information for your general upper secondary school’s guidance counsellor on your school’s website.   

You can also turn directly to the employees of Ohjaamo Helsinki, Helsinki’s One-Stop Guidance Center. Ohjaamo can provide you with guidance on such things as moving on to further studies or working life. Ohjaamo is a multidisciplinary guidance and information service intended for 15–29-year-olds. Young people can use Ohjaamo’s services without an appointment. Ohjaamo also provides information on recreation, financial matters, finding housing and taking care of official matters. Ohjaamo is an important partner to our general upper secondary schools.  

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