Vocational studies

In vocational education and training, you can study fields that have a constant demand for capable personnel. The studies are largely completed at workplaces and by learning on the job. The studies are practical and intended to correspond to the needs of working life.
Photo: Jefunne Gimpel

The training is based on the student’s needs. in other words, you will only complete the qualification units you need. You can learn new skills in several different ways. You can complete an initial, further or specialist vocational qualification or expand your skills with short-term training.

Entrepreneurship education also plays an important role in vocational education and training. During your studies, you will learn about entrepreneurship in a variety of ways with the help of different parties. One important lesson to learn is that entrepreneurs do not have to be experts in everything or do everything by themselves. Entrepreneurship education is now more important than ever, with more and more people earning their living from multiple jobs and client relationships. Entrepreneurship also takes on different forms during different stages of life.