Applying for temporary housing through adult social work

We provide temporary housing solutions for individuals experiencing homelessness. Temporary housing is a short-term option typically lasting from one to three months.

Our services cater specifically to adult social work clients who lack the means or have a low income and are facing an urgent, short-term housing need. An urgent housing need means that you currently have no temporary accommodation available, such as staying with relatives or friends, and are unable to afford short-term housing on your own.

Temporary housing entails independent living. When you start using our service, you will be assigned a designated worker who will support you and see you regularly during home visits. On average, there are 2-4 meetings per month, depending on how much support you need.

Initially, we will work together to develop a personalised housing service plan. If you have accrued rental debt, we can help you establish a payment plan to address the debt.

Please note that we are unable to offer temporary housing if you are experiencing acute substance abuse issues or severe mental health conditions.

During the temporary housing period, we will help you find a temporary or permanent rental apartment.

Temporary housing options may be provided through private service providers or our own city-owned temporary housing apartments.

  1. Make an appointment with an adult social worker 

    You can apply for temporary housing by meeting with a social worker or social instructor from adult social work. 

    Book an appointment. 

    See the adult social work service points for 16–29-year-olds here

    See the adult social work service points for over 30-year-olds here

    If you already have a designated social worker, please contact them directly. 

  2. Your situation is reviewed through a service needs assessment 

    he social worker or social instructor will work collaboratively with you to assess your housing situation and determine if you meet the criteria for receiving temporary housing. Together, we will evaluate your circumstances and explore the eligibility requirements for accessing temporary housing support. 

  3. Your case is discussed in the Temporary Housing Working Group 

    If, based on the service needs assessment, the social worker determines that the criteria are met, they will make a referral to the Temporary Housing Working Group. The Working Group meets twice a week to review cases and make decisions. 

    If the decision from the Working Group is positive, we will actively search for a suitable temporary apartment that meets your needs. Our goal is to find a temporary housing solution that best fits your situation and provides a suitable living environment for you. 

  4. After a favourable decision, you are assigned a temporary apartment 

    Depending on the urgency of your situation, you may be able to move into the temporary apartment on the same working day or within a few days. We strive to address urgent needs promptly and efficiently. 

    In cases where there is an immediate and critical situation involving families with children, we prioritise their needs and make arrangements for a short-term temporary apartment even on the same working day. Our aim is to provide a safe and secure living environment as quickly as possible for families facing urgent circumstances.