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Most of the map and geographic datasets maintained by the City of Helsinki’s Urban Environment Division have been made freely available for public use. Open data refers to information or data collected by the public administration, companies, organisations and private individuals that has been released for public use at no cost.

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Use and instructions for open geographic data

The City of Helsinki’s City Survey Services maintain interface services and publish the open datasets mainly through standardised interface services. The material is updated every weekday and covers either Helsinki or the larger Helsinki Metropolitan Area. City Survey Services is the largest producer of this data, but the service also includes other datasets from the city’s Urban Environment Division. Some forms of material (for example, elevation models) are only available in file format via the website or as downloads from the Helsinki Map Service. Information about the material’s methods of distribution can be found in the open data directory.

The coordinate system used by the City of Helsinki is ETRS-GK25 (EPSG:3879), and the height system is N2000. Data in file format has been produced in the city’s system, but you can use the interface services to request data in all coordinate systems supported by the services, of which there are dozens.

If you use the interface service continuously or on a large scale, City Survey Services will draw up an official customer agreement for you. In this case, the customer receives a service guarantee and support when first taking the service into use. The customer relationship also enables communication between the City Survey Services and the customer in the event of a failure, for example. Please contact the City Survey Services if you connect an interface service to the online service.

The easiest way to access the open geographic datasets is by browsing them on the Helsinki Map Service, which contains the City of Helsinki’s open data directory as an integrated element. You can also browse the directory. All of the available material is also described in the Helsinki Region Infoshare (HRI) data catalogue. HRI is a joint open data service serving the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen. The HRI service also contains large amounts of additional information on the larger Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the Helsinki region for public use at no cost.

The City of Helsinki’s City Survey Services have published the data under the following licence unless otherwise stated in connection with the data:
The maps and geographic data created by the City of Helsinki’s City Survey Services, a unit of the city’s Urban Environment Division, are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence(Link leads to external service).

The terms of use of this licence must be observed when using the material. Mark the material as follows, for example: Data and maps (c) City of Helsinki, City Survey Services.

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