International activities

The City of Helsinki is an active player in the international arena. We utilise international activities to promote the city’s strategic goals and to strengthen Helsinki’s influence. We develop Helsinki’s international reputation and attractiveness, especially from the perspective of international experts, investments and visitors.

Helsinki operates internationally in many different ways and for many different reasons. Many of Helsinki’s challenges are global, and we need internationally proven best practices to succeed in solving them. Helsinki also assumes its global responsibility by sharing its own best practices and lessons with other cities. Helsinki’s international reputation and attractiveness are also prerequisite for success in terms of global competition and solving labour shortages, for example.

Collaboration solutions

Helsinki is a member of several international networks, the main benefits of which are learning about and sharing knowledge between cities, increasing the city’s expertise and visibility, and the resulting opportunities to advocate for and influence matters of interest. At their best, networks and international interaction create solutions that Helsinki alone would be unable to produce.

Helsinki cooperates closely with several different cities. New international partnerships are built on needs: depending on the theme and objectives, the best partners can sometimes be found in other European cities and other times outside Europe. In addition to cities and city networks, the city seeks out effective partnerships in several international organisations.

Our goal is for Helsinki to have an outsized presence in the world.

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