Organise an event

The Event Square is a forum for everyone in Helsinki, from residents and organisations to decision-makers and city employees.

The Event Square is a city venue for hosting a diverse range of events relating to Helsinki.  The primary purpose of the Event Square is to benefit the residents of Helsinki, city employees and local organisations and companies. 

There are some restrictions on the usage of the Event Square. Political parties or religious organisations are prohibited from holding events in the Event Square. Purely commercial events are also prohibited.

The Event Square in the City Hall Lobby ready for an upcoming event.
Photo: Jussi Nahkuri
The Event Square in the City Hall Lobby ready for group assignment.
Photo: Jussi Nahkuri

Activities at the Event Square

  • Free of charge
  • Open forum space
  • Accessible venue
  • Capacity for up to 100 people
  • 11-metre wide media wall for visual materials
  • Handheld microphones for live speaking
  • Portable touchscreens and whiteboards
  • Induction loop system
  • Possibility for customisable space solutions
  • Optional catering the City Hall restaurant
  • On-site technical help from city staff