How do I register my event?

Food been selected as a key theme of the city’s tourism, marketing and communications for the year 2024. The City of Helsinki is now looking for partners to help us co-create the culinary events that will be featured throughout the year.

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What types of events and experiences are we looking for?

All food-related events and experiences, big and small, are welcome to join in the events of Helsinki’s special food-themed year and summer food festival! To be eligible, the events and experiences must be: 

  • either free of charge or subject to a fee
  • focused on food or drink 
  • carried out in Helsinki
  • open to everyone (no private events for groups that require pre-bookings)
  • ideologically neutral

Please note that event participant applicants are answerable for the implementation of the event or experience, meaning that they are solely responsible for handling any necessary registrations, participation fees and related customer communications, as well as any permits and official notifications.

Benefits of participating in the events of the food-themed year

  • Visibility on Helsinki’s website and leads to external service) event webpages. 
  • City of Helsinki communications and marketing promoting the events: for example, information sharing about the events through the city’s main communication channel, the website, and on the social media channels of the City of Helsinki and Business Helsinki. Helsinki Partners is responsible for the food-themed year's international communications and marketing.
  • A material package for the event organisers to assist with marketing the event and sharing the helpful information. 
  • Collective strengthening of Helsinki’s brand as a unique culinary destination with great food-themed events and experiences, delicious meals, community-building and communications that have an impact. Attracting local residents and visitors to dine out and have memorable gastronomical experiences, and as a result, recommending the services to others.
  • Coming together to increase Helsinki’s appeal.

How do I register my event?

Events can be registered free of charge through the City of Helsinki event calendar, which can be found at leads to external service).  All you need to do to register an event is to sign into this online service. 

If you have never logged in to use the events calendar before, please register as follows: 

  • Click the Log in button in the upper right corner 
  • Select New user
  • Select Create a new user ID for the Helsinki profile 
  • Enter your email address and a password
  • After you have registered, you will be able to submit a new event immediately
  • Select Submit a new event to enter information on your new event.

If your event is part of a larger umbrella event, please mark this in the form as follows:  

  • Leave the Umbrella event section completely blank, do not tick either box.
  • In the field for Event Title: Enter the event title and additionally Helsinki Food Year 2024. 
  • Follow the form instructions and carefully fill in all of the required fields
  • Select the event category Food
  • Please note that the form also requires a photo, so it is a good idea to have one ready. It is better that the image has no text on it, as it may only be partially visible on some devices. Before uploading, edit the image so it is web optimised with a 3:2 aspect ratio (for example, 1200×800px). 
  • Leave the certification field empty if it does not apply to you. However, if your event or business has certifications, you must mention this in the certification field. 
  • To finish, select Save draft
  • You will receive an automated email confirmation when your event has been published 

Events can be registered througout the year.  

It is possible to update the event information you have entered up until a message is sent that the event has been published.  After publication, the event information can be edited up until the beginning of the event by sending email to opens default mail program)

Contact details

Helsinki Tourism and Events Unit 
Minna Ermala, Senior Advisor opens default mail program)
+358 9 310 38834(Link starts a phone call)
Business Helsinki

The City of Helsinki reserves the right to change the instructions and programme for the Feast Helsinki food year.