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Maps of Helsinki can be ordered in digital format for different purposes, most commonly for design and construction. The maps are provided by the Map Products team of the City Survey Services. The easiest way to order standard map materials is through the electronic Karttakori service (in Finnish).

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Map basket (Karttakori in Finnish)

Before using the Karttakori (“Map Basket”) electronic service, which is available only in the Finnish language, you must register as a user of the service. You can register for the Karttakori service by verifying your identity with the e-identification service.

The materials ordered from the Karttakori service are limited to an area size of 1 km/2. One-off orders for larger areas must be submitted via email. As a rule, we deliver the maps using the projected coordinate system ETRS-GK25 (EPSG:3879) and the N2000 height system.

The pricing of map and geographic datasets and data extractions and deliveries follow the annually confirmed price list of City Survey Services. When you order materials from the Karttakori service, the price is updated when you make the order.

1. Design source data, otherwise known as building permit maps

Design source data is a mandatory attachment to a building permit application. The building permit map ensures that the plot in question is in accordance with the valid plot division and site plan. The map data is assessed to make sure it is up to date and is supplemented with additional measurements if necessary.

Building permit maps contain a variety of PDF map extracts, as well as data from base maps and underground pipe and cable maps in a digital format for drawing up layouts. Order the building permit map through Karttakori when the plot division has been approved, and the plot is in the process of being parcelled. A building permit map must be obtained before submitting the actual building permit application to the online permit service The map is valid for 12 months after issue in Helsinki.

2. Digital material

Digital material for planning and preparing a city plan. The available material includes base maps and maps of pipes and cables, orthophotographs, laser dots and elevation models.

3. Separate investigation to determine owners

An owner investigation identifies the project’s neighbours for the purpose of securing a building permit, for example. This applies to those builders who wish to carry out the consultation, or hearing, of the neighbours on their own.

Karttakori is linked to the online permit service Lupapiste, which means that the material ordered from Karttakori does not need to be separately transferred to or printed for entry into Lupapiste. Only the project number of the delivered Karttakori order is stored in Lupapiste.

The project number is entered by going to the Suunnitelmat ja liitteet (Plans and Attachments) tab of Lupapiste and entering it under the heading Suunnittelun lähtötietoaineisto (Design source data).

Examples of map products. Photo: Kartat (c) Kaupunkimittauspalvelut
Examples of map products. Photo: Kartat (c) Kaupunkimittauspalvelut

Other orders and prices

Your email order must include the following information:


Identification of the object or area: for example, address, parcel number or map cropping as an attachment

File format, standard formats:

vector: dwg, dgn, pdf

raster: jpg, tif.

Clear contact and billing details. Incomplete contact information delays the processing of the order.

Contact details of the person submitting the order or the recipient of the material and/or billing details.

Name, Address, Phone number, Email.

If the order is invoiced to a different party than the person placing the order: the billing contact person and their details. The invoice payer’s Business ID is mandatory information for the identification of invoicing customers. In the case of a private individual, the personal identity code of the payer of the invoice is required. If necessary, we have a secure email address for transmitting personal data securely.

Possible identifiers for e-invoicing: EDI code and intermediary code.

Person placing the order’s reference: the customer’s/payer’s own identification information found on the invoice.

Emal orders(Link opens default mail program)

The administrative work required to prepare the order (extraction, format and system conversions, other material preparation) and the other costs associated with delivering the order will be charged in accordance with the City Survey Services’ price list. The minimum charge for administrative work is for one hour.

A) Paid materials for individual and contract order – Maps for design and construction use

Pre-priced packages of material are available for site-specific design and construction use. Prices start from EUR 59.50 (max. 0.25 km2). The exact prices and packages are determined annually in the price list.

B) Materials available for individual and contract order at no cost

No licensing fees are charged for materials that are available at no cost for order on an individual or contract basis. The extraction and delivery costs of the materials are charged in accordance with the valid price list. The availability of ready-made standard products varies. Send an email to request more detailed material-specific information.

PLEASE NOTE! Materials available at no cost are not open data for use under an open data licence. Materials delivered to order should be used exclusively according to the terms of use specified in the order confirmation.