City invoices and payments

This page provides information on the City’s invoices and ordering an e-invoice.

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Did you receive an invoice from the City?

 Do you want to change the due date or report an address change? The customer service of the Financial Management Services is available on +358 (0)9 310 25300(Link starts a phone call) on weekdays at 9:00–15:00.

 If the matter pertains to a service being invoiced or its content, please contact the division that provided the service.

 You can also contact the Financial Management Services via a form or e-mail. Remember to include your name and contact information when contacting us electronically.

Contact form of the Financial Management Services (in Finnish)(Link leads to external service)

e-mail: opens default mail program)

The invoicing customer service handles the following:

  • Due date postponements of City invoices
  • Payment plans
  • Bank account and address changes
  • Invoicing of the statutory social and health care client fees
  • Matters related to payment ceilings for the social and health care fees
  • Payments to the City’s accounts receivable, refunds of excessive payments to customers
  • Collection operations of the City of Helsinki divisions and enterprises, debt restructuring matters
  • Matters related to the processing and payment of purchase invoices sent to the City
  • E-invoice subscription

E-invoice subscription

With one subscription, you can receive all invoices from the City of Helsinki Financial Management Services as e-invoices.

  • You can receive e-invoices whenever and wherever you want.
  • You can gain access to the invoice within one day of invoicing.
  • You can pay the invoice with just a few clicks.
  • The invoices come with the bar code, account numbers and other invoice details filled in.
  • The invoice is delivered directly to your online banking service.

  • Log in to your online banking service.
  • Perform a search with the City of Helsinki as the invoicing party with Financial Management Services (Taloushallintopalvelu) as the reason for invoicing.
  • Enter your full personal identity code as a specifier in the format ddmmyy-xxxX/dmmyyAxxxX


Information about you requesting an e-invoice via your online banking service will be transferred to the customer register of Financial Management Services within a few days. Please note that once an e-invoicing agreement has been made via the online banking service, all future invoices from City of Helsinki Financial Management Services (e.g. invoices from social and health care services and early childhood education) will be delivered as e-invoices to the online banking service of the person who entered into the agreement.

For early childhood education invoices, the guardian whose name is mentioned first on the invoice is, by default, the person responsible for paying the invoice. The e-invoicing agreement should be completed via the first-mentioned guardian’s online banking service, using their name as the specifier.

Read more about the e-invoicing of children’s day care

Learn more about other electronic invoices

E-invoices are not the only way in which to receive invoices from the City electronically.

Direct payment is a good option if you do not have online banking credentials. To make a direct payment agreement, please contact your bank. Once the agreement has been made, the bank will automatically pay the invoices from your account on the due date. In addition to this, we will deliver the invoice information by post well in advance of the due date. Please note that making a direct payment agreement requires a visit to the bank.

OmaPosti is an electronic service provided by Posti, which can be accessed on mobile devices and online. Using the service requires strong identification. You can request invoices to be delivered electronically to OmaPosti. They are stored in the service automatically. You can also pay invoices on OmaPosti. More information on the OmaPosti is available on the Posti website(Link leads to external service).

You can receive invoices, agreements, confirmations, event tickets and other documents digitally directed to Kivra. You can easily share the service with those close to you in order to handle payments amongst yourselves or for others in your group. In Kivra, invoices are paid directly from your bank account. You can access it via a mobile app or online. Online banking credentials and an e-mail address are required to register for the service. Learn more about the service at leads to external service)