MAL cooperation

The 14 municipalities in the Helsinki region are engaged in strategic cooperation on land use, housing and transport within the framework of the MAL Advisory Board.

The MAL agreement describes the shared will of the state and municipalities to coordinate land use, housing and transport. The measures of the agreement promote a sustainable community structure and a transport system that supports it, and enable smooth everyday life, a functional labour market and business vitality.

MAL in decision making

The Helsinki Region Cooperation Assembly (HSYK) and the Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) Board both approve the MAL plan. They make a proposal to the councils of the contracting delegations on the approval of the MAL agreement by municipality.

MAL Advisory Board

The MAL Advisory Board, with the Helsinki Region Transport System Committee, steers the preparation of the joint MAL plan for the region and for its part, ensures the monitoring and reporting of the plan’s implementation. The MAL Advisory Board consists of a leading land-use and housing official appointed by each of the parties to the agreement.

Monitoring of the MAL agreement

The implementation of the MAL agreement is monitored at an annual follow-up meeting. In particular, the monitoring assesses the achievement of the following objectives and measures:

  • reconciliation of land use, housing and transport
  • integration of community structure and promotion of public transport
  • functioning of the housing market
  • measures necessary for the overall need for housing production
  • producing affordable housing.

The collection of monitoring data is coordinated by Helsinki Region Environmental Services HSY.