Presentation technology

Event organisers will have access to Event Square presentation technology as agreed in advance.

The space's central element is a large media wall whose LED screen can be used for a variety of presentation purposes. A City Hall co-ordinator appointed for the event will prepare the technology for use and ensure that everything works throughout the event. 

  • media wall LED screen, size 10962 x 2055, 4 mm / resolution 6912 x 1296
  • 5 infoscreens (3 indoors and 2 outdoors), resolution 1080 x 1920, aspect ratio 9/16
  • 2 moveable touch screens, Newline Trutouch X8, size 75 inches

  • 4 wireless handheld microphones, Sennheiser ew-500 G4
  • 2 wireless headset microphones, Sennheiser HSP 4-EW-3
  • throwable audience microphone, Catchbox Pro
  • speaker system, L’Acoustics Syva soundsystem