Helsinki Map Service

The Helsinki Map Service is a browser-based service provided by the City of Helsinki. It offers a wide range of comprehensive and precise maps and geospatial data on the City of Helsinki and some of its surroundings.

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The Helsinki Map Service contains maps and geospatial data maintained by the City of Helsinki. Map templates range from traditional guide maps and aerial photographs to detailed cadastral maps. The properties of the maps can be viewed through the geospatial data directory linked below.

The geospatial datasets contain a large sample of official information systems and registers related to the planning, construction and maintenance of Helsinki’s urban environment. The material can be overlaid and compared. The material available is presented below.

The map tools of the Helsinki Map Service allow you to measure distances and surface areas, for example. You can also explore the city in 3D.

The Map Service is currently one of the official platforms for displaying urban planning for public viewing.

 Plans in the Map Service(Link leads to external service)

Karttapalvelun kautta löytyvät myös Helsingin kaupungin luontotiedot.

Karttapalvelusta voidaan upottaa karttoja internet-sivuille ilman erillistä korvausta sekä ladata avoimia paikkatietoja eri paikkatietoformaateissa.

Helsinki Map Service

Helsinki Map Service - Open larger map(Link leads to external service)

Using the Map Service

The Helsinki Map Service has one of the largest selections of dataset material in the world.


  • Guide maps
  • Cadastral and base maps
  • Aerial photographs
  • Historical maps
  • Regional division data of Helsinki
  • City planning and zoning
  • Street and park construction material
  • Real estate and building register data
  • Information about nature and the environment
  • 3D terrain models and scanned data
  • Name register
  • Statistics

For more information about the Map Service data, visit the following link:

Helsinki open data directory(Link leads to external service)


Instructions for using the Helsinki Map Service can be found at the following link:

Helsinki Map Service user manual(Link leads to external service)