History and archives

On these pages, you can get acquainted with the story of Helsinki and the phenomena and turning points in the history of our capital. The City Archives are home to permanently stored archives related to the history and administration of the city. You can also submit a data request for materials you may be interested in.

Five men in dark historical costumes walk in the streets of Suomenlinna.
A group of young people pose for a photographer in front of Frisco Disco in 1978.
Photo: Kuvaaja: Harri Ahola / Helsingin kaupunginmuseo

City of arts and culture and encounters

The story of Helsinki as seen through its arts and culture scene. On the website, you can also explore Helsinki's historical sites by using and interactive map.

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An old Swedish map of Helsinki and its surrounding islands from 1739.
Photo: Kartta. Kapteeni Wilhelms Situations charta öfver Helsingfors 1739. Riksarkivet, Tukholma

Turning points in the history of Helsinki

Get to know the history of Helsinki in chronological order from prehistory to the 20th century.

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