Information for event organisers

We are glad to hear that you have signed on as a co-creator of Helsinki’s delectable Food Year and Feast Helsinki food festival! Below you can find a collection of information and tips to help you in the organisation and marketing of your event.

Marketing and communications

The City of Helsinki’s Communications Department and marketing enterprise Helsinki Partners are responsible for the marketing and communications of Helsinki’s Food Year and Feast Helsinki food festival. All operators participating in the associated events are also encouraged to utilise the city’s ready-made package of marketing materials in their stakeholder communications.

Download here Feast Helsinki 2024 marketing material for our collaborative partners (PDF).

The Feast Helsinki marketing material is only intended for use in the marketing and communications of events associated with the Feast Helsinki food festival. 


As an event organiser participating in Helsinki’s special food-themed year and Feast Helsinki food festival, you agree to:

  • clearly indicate in all your own content materials that the event is part of the Helsinki food year or the Feast Helsinki food festival
  • direct visitors from your own website to the website of the Helsinki food year (
  • use the hashtag #FeastHelsinki (or #SyötäväHelsinki or #SmakernasHelsingfors) and @Helsinki
  • spread information about the event through your own networks and channels, to the largest extent possible
  • be responsible for any registration, participation fees, and communication with the registered participants.

Sustainability at events

The environmental impact of events in Helsinki is monitored at the general level with the help of the EcoCompass certificate. Therefore, it is hoped that the organisers who respond to this open call and sign up to participate in the events will commit to observing the most responsible procedures as possible when organising their food-themed events.

Please observe the following principles, where applicable:

  1. If waste is generated during the event, it must be sorted and the amount of mixed waste must be minimised. If necessary, you can find sorting instructions in, for example, the Roskat riviin! waste management guide (in Finnish).
  2. Strive to use only materials that are suitable for reuse.
  3. When possible, use primarily renewable energy sources at the event.
  4. If food or drinks are served or sold at the event, use primarily reusable containers that can be washed. If the use of disposable dishes is necessary, the dishes must be recyclable or biodegradable. There must also be at least one vegetarian option available, and the City of Helsinki encourages operators to use organic and local food whenever it is possible.
  5. Focus on minimising the amount of transportation and traffic related to the event. The public should also be encouraged to come to the event either on foot, by bike, or by using public transport.

Instructions for organising an environmentally sustainable event can be found in

the Siisti Tapahtuma! (Neat Event!) environmental guide (in Finnish). Also check out the City of Helsinki's guidelines for organising events. The Events for all! guide contains instructions on organising accessible events.

Feedback and reporting

The City of Helsinki will gather feedback from all our partners after the summer food festival and the close of the food year. We are particularly interested in the popularity of the organised events, if the sales of the event organisers increased as a result of the events, and whether Helsinki’s image as a culinary destination has improved. The feedback survey will be sent to the contact person for the event.

Contact details

Helsinki Tourism and Events Unit 
Minna Ermala, Senior Advisor opens default mail program)(Link opens default mail program)(Link opens default mail program)
+358 9 310 38834(Link starts a phone call)(Link starts a phone call)(Link starts a phone call)
Business Helsinki

The City of Helsinki reserves the right to change the instructions and programme for the city’s special year devoted to food and the summer food festival.