Myllypuro outdoor recreation area

The Myllypuro outdoor recreation area is located in eastern Helsinki. The area is dominated by the sports park, and the main outdoor route to northeastern Helsinki runs through it.
Henkilö makaamassa auringossa alakivenpuiston nurmialueella.
Photo: Sofie Jokinen

Services of the outdoor recreation area on the map

The area has a sports park, workout stairs, outdoor gym, playground and dog park. A hiking trail runs from the sports park towards northeastern Helsinki. 

Myllypuron ulkoilupalvelut kartalla. - Open larger map(Link leads to external service)

Description of the outdoor recreation area 

Myllypuro Sports Park

Myllypuro Sports Park dominates the outdoor recreation area. The sports park has wide field and court areas for different kinds of games with both turf and sand surfaces. In the winter, the rink is used for ice hockey. The area also has workout stairs, an outdoor gym and a children’s playground. 

Myllypuro Sports Park (Sports and recreation)(Link leads to external service)

There is a public accessible toilet in the lobby area of the Myllypuro Sports Park building and two public toilets in the dressing room corridor. The building is open, as a rule, Mon–Sun from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (with the exception of public holidays and possible event and training days). 

Routes, skiing tracks and skating rinks

The main outdoor route to northeastern Helsinki runs through the sports park, and a separate hiking trail to Mellunmäki runs through Vartiokylä and Mellunkylä. There is a ploughed ski trail in the winter along the route towards Mellunmäki.  

By following the hiking trail, you can reach the Mustavuori outdoor recreation area with hiking trails that serve pedestrians and cyclists in the summer and skiers in the winter. Part of the Mustavuori area is a nature reserve, and guided nature tours are organised there. 

General rules 

In all outdoor areas, observe Everyman’s Rights and rules and move responsibly in nature: 

Pictures of the place

Ilmakuva Myllypuron pallomyllystä ja parkkialueesta.
Photo: Aki Rask
Alakivenpuisto valaistuna.
Photo: Sofie Jokinen