Exercise for the elderly

An active lifestyle brings health, functional capacity and meaning to your life. Many people mistakenly believe that only guided sport and exercise are good for you. In fact, all physical activity in your daily life is beneficial.

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Daily physical activity keeps you going

Physical activity is a broader concept than exercise. In fact, all physical activity is beneficial. It is important to understand that even light physical activity is good for your health.

Especially if you are not very active, introducing even a small increase in physical activity in your daily life will have a positive impact on your well-being.

Physical activity consists of many things:

  • not being stationary for long periods of time
  • light physical activity e.g. at home or on your way to the shop
  • more vigorous or challenging physical activity, often perceived as exercise.

See the physical activity recommendation for people over the age of 65 on the UKK Institute website(Link leads to external service)