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The draining of septic tanks, short moorings by boat, and the boat ramps are open to everyone sailing in Helsinki. Helsinki’s guest harbours also serve all boaters.

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Erilaisia veneitä Eläintarhanlahden venesatamassa.
Photo: Nilla Varpunen

Septic tanks for all boaters in Helsinki 

Anyone sailing in Helsinki can empty the boat’s septic tank in several different marinas safely and with respect for nature. Septic tank emptying sites managed by the city can be found on the map and listed by region. The septic tanks marked with the white-based Helsinki logo on the map are in operation. Septic tanks marked in red are not in working order.

Go to the map of the septic tanks (in Finnish)(Link leads to external service)

List of city’s septic tanks by region

We recommend that you check the functioning of the septic tank from the map service(Link leads to external service).  The septic tanks marked with the white-based Helsinki logo are in operation. Septic tanks marked in red are not in working order.


  • Katajanokka guest harbour (Katajanokka)  
  • Liuskaluoto/Merisatama (in connection with Liuskaluoto gas station)
  • Pajalahti boat harbour (Lauttasaari)
  • Salmisaari boat harbour (between Länsiväylä and Lauttasaari bridge)
  • Saukonpaasi boat harbour (Jätkäsaari)  
  • Tervasaari southern boat harbour (Kruununhaka/Pohjoisranta) 


  • Kalkkihiekantori (Vuosaari, Pikku-Kallahti northern shore)  
  • Laivalahti boat harbour (Herttoniemenranta)  
  • Mustalahti boat harbour (Mustalahti/Uutela/Vuosaari)  
  • Porslahti boat harbour (Vuosaari)  
  • Puotila boat harbour (Vartiokylänlahti)  
  • Pyysaari boat harbour, Helsingin Työväen Pursiseura ry (Tullisaarenselkä, Laajasalo)  
  • Sarvasto boat harbour/Jollas (Laajasalo, Iso-Sarvastonlahti)  
  • Strömsinlahti boat harbour (Strömsinlahti)  
  • Yliskylä boat harbour (Laajasalo, Yliskylänlahti)  


  • Kaunissaari (Sipoo)  
  • Pihlajasaari (call harbour) 

Berths for short-term visits

Free berths for short-term visits 

You may moor your boat for a short time in the boat harbours and berths mentioned below free of charge. The short-term berthing time is from two to four hours. 

On the mainland 

Hakaniemi, Eläintarhanlahti (Link leads to external service)

Hietalahti, Hietalahdenallas(Link leads to external service)

Helsinki Market Square, Linnanallas(Link leads to external service)

Helsinki Market Square, Vironallas (Link leads to external service)

In the archipelago 

Eastern and Northern Villaluoto





Paid berths for short-term visits

Please note that in some harbours you can also stay overnight if you wish. For more detailed information, see the ports offering guest berths. 

On the mainland 

Katajanokka(Link leads to external service) 

In the archipelago 

Isosaari(Link leads to external service)

Pyysaari(Link leads to external service)

Suomenlinna(Link leads to external service)

Tervasaari(Link leads to external service)

Valkosaari(Link leads to external service)

Vallisaari (Link leads to external service)

Guest boat places can also be found in the marinas of most private boat clubs and yacht clubs. 

Private boat clubs (in Finnish)

Boat ramps 

You can slide your boat to the water with the boat ramps at the city’s harbours. Boat ramps can be found in the following harbours of the city.  

  • Hakaniemi: Eläintarhanlahti (Säästöpankinranta)
  • Herttoniemi: Kipparlahti (Hitsaajankatu) 
  • Herttoniemi: Laivalahti (Herttoniemen ranta) 
  • Kulosaari: Naurissalmi (Kipparlahden silmukka) 
  • Laajasalo: Iso-Sarvasto (Isonsarvastontie) 
  • Lauttasaari: Pajalahti (Meripuistotie) 
  • Marjaniemi: Marjaniemenranta 
  • Merisatamanranta 
  • Munkkiniemi: Saunalahti (Ramsaynranta) 
  • Porslahti 
  • Puotila: Meripellontie 
  • Roihuvuori: Strömsinlahti (Abraham Wetterintie) 
  • Töölö: Rajasaari 
  • Vuosaari: Vuosaarenlahti (Laituripolku) 
  • Katajanokka: (Laivastokatu) NOTE! Only a dinghy ramp available