Take a guided tour or explore Helsinki’s nature on your own. Discover the nature centres, routes and nature trails in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, as well as birdwatching towers and cooking shelters. Read also our instructions for sustainable hiking.

Retkeilijät istuvat riippualustalla ja katselevat merelle.
Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners

Camping and overnight stay in outdoor recreation areas

Short-term camping is part of everyman’s rights in Finland. However, camping must not cause harm to nature or disturb residents. You may camp, for example, in outdoor recreation areas where camping is focused to areas that can withstand the wear caused of camping.  

Even short-term camping is not allowed everywhere. For example, you are not allowed to camp in nature reserves or beaches in Helsinki. Nesting birds are particularly sensitive to disturbances. Please note that making a fire or collecting moss and woody plants are not everyman’s everyman’s rights(Link leads to external service)

Lintubongari kiikaroi lintutornista avoimelle ruovikkoiselle vesialueelle
Photo: Mira Lainiola

Nature reserves in Helsinki

Helsinki’s nature reserves are among the city’s gems and the finest places. There are nature reserves in many outdoor and nature areas as well as on islands.  Before hiking in a nature reserve, please read the rules and instructions of the area. For example, camping and fire making are always forbidden in the nature reserves of Helsinki. Responsible hiking and staying on the marked trails and main paths is an easy way to protect there are also sensitive nature reserves

Explore the nature reserves in Helsinki

Stay on the trail – enjoy the outdoors responsibly

You can also find this page at hel.fi/hiking