Culture and art for the elderly

Culture and art provide new experiences, joy and refreshment. Helsinki offers a wide variety of cultural programmes to enjoy daily. 

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Importance of art and culture for your well-being

Enjoying art and culture is good for both your mind and body. According to a report commissioned by the World Health Organization WHO, participating in artistic activities promotes your well-being and can help prevent a number of mental and physical conditions. 

Did you also know that

  • Participating in cultural hobbies and events is associated with a longer life.
  • Engaging in hobbies such as reading, painting and participating in cultural events can prevent you from developing dementia. 
  • People who engage in culture, whether it be as a creator or in the audience, feel healthier and more satisfied with their own lives than people who do not.

Do you have a cultural hobby you enjoy?

Ask Senior Info for tips on how to find your way to cultural hobbies.