Mustikkamaa island is located south of Kulosaari, about 5 km from the city centre. Mustikkamaa is an urban nature destination and a popular outdoor recreation area all year round. There is a bridge connection from Kulosaari and a light traffic bridge from Kalasatama to Mustikkamaa. The route to Helsinki Zoo on Korkeasaari also travels via Mustikkamaa.
Ihmisiä rantakalliolla, kaupungin silhuetti taustalla.
Photo: Riku Pihlanto

What does Mustikkamaa offer?

The island has sand roads, along which you can walk around the island. 

Mustikkamaa hiking trail

Mustikkamaa has, for example, a 2.5-kilometre route that circles around the island. The route is marked with signposts. Part of the route is covered by wood chips. In winter, there is a skiing track maintained by the city on the route.

Mustikkamaa hiking trail, location on map(Link leads to external service)


Eastern waterfront trail

The main waterfront trail of Helsinki travels through the island along Mustikkamaanpolku, and the eastern waterfront trail that complements the main trail runs through the southern shore of Mustikkamaa. The eastern waterfront trail is part of Helsinki’s unique public waterfront trail, which is 130 kilometres long. The 23 km eastern route offers the opportunity to explore the beautiful beaches of eastern Helsinki, manor parks or the Helsinki Zoo. The eastern waterfront trail offers a variety of maritime scenery, from the urban Kalasatama to the Uutela outdoor recreation area. 

Eastern waterfront trail (pdf, inaccessible)

Mustikkamaa has no cooking shelters, and making a fire is prohibited. However, there are good picnic spots on the cliffs, as well as benches and tables suitable for eating snacks. Please clean up after yourself carefully and take your rubbish to litter bins.


There is a toilet at the public beach. There is also a public toilet near the sports park. 

Public toilet on Mustikkamaa, location on map(Link leads to external service)

Summer Restaurant Alia

The Mustikkamaa restaurant, completed in 1921, is a good example of the wooden architecture of its time.  

Restaurant Alia (in Finnish)(Link leads to external service)

Summer Café Torpedo 

Cafe Torpedo is a restaurant ship docked in the Mustikkamaa marina, which is open during the summer season. 

Cafe Torpedo (in Finnish)(Link leads to external service)

Summer Café Silversund

Silversund Café & Terrace is located in the Hopeasalmi shipyard area by the Mustikkamaa bridge in a 100-year-old log house that used to belong to the shipyard master. 

Silversund Café (in Finnish)(Link leads to external service)

Beach kiosk

There is a kiosk car in at the public beach during the summer season. In addition, food trucks occasionally serve the area.

Public beach 

The Mustikkamaa beach has a lifeguard in the summer season. At the beach, you can find a changing room, a shower, a toilet, outdoor exercise equipment, a playground and a kiosk. 

Mustikkamaa beach, location on map(Link leads to external service)

During the summer season, you can find up-to-date information on the condition of the beaches in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the blue-green algae situation and the water temperature on the Outdoor Exercise Map. 

Outdoor exercise map(Link leads to external service)

Outdoor gym

There is an outdoor gym near the Mustikkamaa beach, accessible to people of all fitness levels. The outdoor gym, offers outdoor fitness equipment by David with adjustable weights. There is equipment for the following exercises: squat, horizontal row, bench press and push up. There is also a fitness rack and logs for lifting. 

Mustikkamaa outdoor gym, location on map(Link leads to external service)

Sports park

The Mustikkamaa sports park offers opportunities for a wide range of sports throughout the year. Sports: football, basketball, mini basketball, tennis, skating, hockey. 

Mustikkamaa sports park, location on map(Link leads to external service)

Mustikkamaa summer theatre

The stage of the Mustikkamaa summer theatre is located in the heart of Mustikkamaa, on the cliffs behind villa Alia. Helsinki Student Theatre has been performing summer theatre in Mustikkamaa since 1984. 

Mustikkamaa summer theatre, location on map(Link leads to external service)
Helsinki Student Theatre(Link leads to external service)

Korkee Adventure Park Korkee

Korkee Mustikkamaa is the first rope adventure park in the Capital Region, and it has been expanded over the years. The specialties of Korkee include 12-metre climbing walls, base jumping to the ground and a Tarzan zip line. 

Korkee Mustikkamaa(Link leads to external service)

Helsinki Zoo

The route to Helsinki Zoo runs through Mustikkamaa.  The zoo was established in 1889, and it is open throughout the year. 

Helsinki Zoo(Link leads to external service)

The outdoor recreation area on Mustikkamaa includes forest and meadow areas as well as rocky shores. The forest areas include pine-dominated canopy forests and herb-rich forests. Some of the trees are extremely thick and old. There are also maples and oaks in the herb-rich forests. The geologically valuable glaciated rocks that start at the Isoisänsilta bridge show traces of the Ice Age and engravings from the early 20th century. There are also valuable herb-rich forests on Mustikkamaa. 

Accessibility information for Mustikkamaa’s services is still incomplete.
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Mustikkamaa’s services on the map

Mustikkamaa has sand-covered roads that are suitable for outdoor recreation, a public beach, an outdoor gym, a summer restaurant, an adventure park and a summer theatre, as well as a skiing track in winter. 

Mustikkamaa’s services on the map. - Open larger map(Link leads to external service)
The Edible Park and its activities are mainly aimed at children and young people. However, anyone is welcome to visit the park, regardless of age.  Photo: Helsingin kaupunki
The Edible Park and its activities are mainly aimed at children and young people. However, anyone is welcome to visit the park, regardless of age. Photo: Helsingin kaupunki

Edible Park is a summer paradise for young people

Edible Park is an urban natural environment that offers a great setting for creative work, art and nature workshops, farming and caring for animals. In the summer, the park organises free environmental activities, which are mainly aimed at young people aged 12–25. Anyone can visit the park freely during its opening hours.The park is primarily intended for young people, youth organisations and Helsinki residents. 

In the area of the Edible Park on Mustikkamaa, edible crops have been cultivated since the 1860s. In the summer of 2018, the operations of Edible Park were transferred to the youth services of the City of Helsinki. 

Edible Park(Link leads to external service)

Pictures from Mustikkamaa

Mustikkamaan uimarannan pelastusrengas.
Photo: Riku Pihlanto
Näkymä Mustikkamaan kallioilta Kalasataman suuntaan.
Photo: Tero Pajukallio
Pyöräilijät tauolla Mustikkamaan kallioilla.
Photo: Kimmo Brandt
Nainen työntää lastenvaunuja Mustikkamaan kevyen liikenteen väylällä.
Photo: Paavo Jantunen