Pihlajaluoto is a villa and excursion island in the outer archipelago of eastern Helsinki, located near Hattusaari. The island, which is being developed for recreational use, is an excellent destination for short-term camping, for example.
Puinen pieni saari ja kesäiset pilvet.
Photo: Sofia Kangas


Pihlajaluoto offers an atmosphere of the outer archipelago and wonderful sheepback rocks. The island is being developed into a marine recreational destination, which is also suitable for short-term camping. 


The main building of the island and its pier are rented to the Suomenlahden uistelijat association. Pihlajaluoto is a good hiking area where short-term camping is allowed. There is no public transport to the island. 

Pihlajaluoto has an uncovered barbeque area with no firewood, so please bring your own forewood. There is also an outdoor toilet on Pihlajaluoto. 

General rules 

In all outdoor recreation areas, observe everyman’s rights and rules and move responsibly in nature: 

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Photos of Pihlajaluoto

Henkilö kävelee kallioisella rannalla meren tuntumassa.
Photo: Sofia Kangas
Laakea rantakallio, meri ja horisontti.
Photo: Sofia Kangas