Luukki outdoor recreation area

The heart of Luukki, one of the most popular outdoor recreation areas in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, is the courtyard of the old manor. The area has 20 hectares of forests where flying squirrels live. Helsinki purchased Luukki in 1961. Its area covers more than 900 hectares.
Three people in the forest’s edge on a waterfront.
Photo: Konsta Linkola

Services of the outdoor recreation area on the map

The area has hiking trails, fishing spots, outdoor exercise areas, the Luukki Manor, a caravan park, cooking shelters, a swimming spot, a playground, a field for ball games and a golf course. 

Services of the outdoor recreation area on the map. - Open larger map(Link leads to external service)

Description of the outdoor recreation area 

The outdoor recreation area is home to the Luukki Manor where you can also find Restaurant Laguna. The manor premises, the sauna available upon order, meeting facilities and the banquet hall can be booked for special occasions.  

The caravan park has 48 places in the vicinity of the main building, and the area has bathing and laundry facilities as well as electricity. Winter use is also possible. 

Read more about the Luukki Manor and Restaurant Laguna here (in Finnish)(Link leads to external service)

There is a swimming spot, playground and field for ball games in the vicinity of the main building. The swimming spot has a sandy beach and cold-water showers. The sauna building has toilets and changing rooms.  During the summer season, you can find up-to-date information on the condition of the beaches in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the blue-green algae situation and the water temperature on the Outdoor Exercise Map(Link leads to external service)

There is a golf course near Kaitalampi. 

There are guided hiking trails in the area, 15 km of which are crushed stone-based and 7 km of which are soil-based. In the winter, the trails serve as classic cross-country skiing trails. There are 8.5 km of nature trails. The area also has a network of permanent orienteering control points and a dog park. 

The outdoor recreation area has seven cooking shelters and a fire place. Fires are forbidden elsewhere. 

Map of the Luukki outdoor recreation area (PDF, inaccessible, in Finnish)(Link leads to external service)

Recreational fishing is permitted in the area’s ponds and lakes with natural fish stocks. At the Kaitalampi and Halkolampi fishing sites, rainbow trout and other valuable fish can be caught with a permission from the Luukki fishery association. 

The permits are sold here (in Finnish)(Link leads to external service)

Nature trails 

The Luukki outdoor recreation area is located in Espoo, on both sides of Porintie, 23 kilometres from Helsinki city centre. The Luukkaa nature trail provides information on the forest nature of the Luukkaa area, its management and conservation, and it also describes the local history of the area. 

There are two trail options: a longer 9-km trail and a shorter 6-km trail. Both trails share the same first leg. On the journey, the hiker is guided by nature trail signposts with a cone symbol and a numbered information board for each destination. The trail runs along outdoor trails and it is easy to walk, with the exception of a few steep hills. 

The vast Luukkaa forest area is part of the Nuuksio lake upland. Its area covers approximately 620 hectares. Several small ponds and marshes in the north-south direction add variety to the nature of the Luukkaa outdoor recreation area. The forests are diverse, from rugged cliffs to small herb-rich forests. The northeastern and northwestern parts of Luukkaa are home to vast forest areas in their natural state: the Kaitalampi and Luukkaa primeval forests. 

Hikers in the area are served by the old Luukkaa Manor, which serves as a hiking lodge, and its surroundings. There are also several cooking shelters and camping locations in the area. Popular swimming spots are Lake Luukinjärvi in the vicinity of the manor and Kaitalampi pond in the southwestern part of the area. 

General rules 

In all outdoor areas, observe Everyman’s Rights and rules and move responsibly in nature: 

Pictures of the place

An aerial shot of the Luukki outdoor recreation area.
Photo: KopterCam / Helsingin kaupunki
A person spreading a blanket on a lawn.
Photo: Helsingin kaupunki
An aerial shot of a tree-lined shore and a jetty.
Photo: KopterCam / Helsingin kaupunki
An aerial shot of the Luukki outdoor recreation area’s bodies of water and forest.
Photo: KopterCam / Helsingin kaupunki