Karjakaivo outdoor recreation area

The Karjakaivo outdoor recreation area is located in Espoo, 30 km from Helsinki, between Lake Bodom and Lake Pitkäjärvi in Nuuksio. Karjakaivo and Pirttimäki together create a unified outdoor recreation area.
Kallioista metsämaisemaa.
Photo: Jonna Saari / Retkipaikka

Services of the outdoor recreation area on the map

The Karjakaivo outdoor recreation area has many hiking trails that serve as skiing trails in the winter. The area also has a network of permanent orienteering control points and rock climbing opportunities. The outdoor recreation area is in the vicinity of the Solvalla Sports Institute, which has parking areas, bathroom facilities and a café. 

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Description of the outdoor recreation area 

The City of Helsinki acquired the main part of the Karjakaivo outdoor recreation area in 1963. Its area covers more than 700 hectares. 221 hectares of the area have been handed over to Metsähallitus. 

The area of Karjakaivo extends from Hynkänlampi pond in the south to Lake Ruuhijärvi in the north. Karjakaivo and Pirttimäki together create a unified area. This wilderness area, shaped by the Ice Age, is characterised by great differences in elevation. The peaceful landscape is dominated by steep cliffs and boulders, many lakes and ponds with beautiful shores as well as lush marshes and wetlands. 

Routes and services in the area

The area has a parking area in connection with the Solvalla Sports Institute and another one in the northeastern part of the area in the vicinity of Hauklampi pond. There is also a café in the area in connection with the Solvalla Sports Institute. 

Karjakaivo has 11 kilometres of guided crushed stone hiking trails, 7 km of which are illuminated. In the winter, the trails serve as cross-country skiing trails for both classic and skate skiing styles. You can plan other routes, for example, north to the outdoor recreation areas of Vaakkoi or Salmi and to Luukkaa via Pirttimäki. 

Recreational fishing is permitted in Iso and Pikku Siikalampi, Meerlampi, Kolmperä, Valkialampi, Pikku-Orajärvi, as well as in the parts of Urja, Karjakaivo and Ruuhijärvi that are owned by the City of Helsinki. 

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General rules 

In all outdoor areas, observe Everyman’s Rights and rules and move responsibly in nature: