Käärmeluoto islands

Käärmeluoto islands are located in southwestern Helsinki, on the west side of Lauttasaari Island. There are three Käärmeluoto islands (northern, western and eastern), all of which are high rock islands with a spectacular landscape. The islands are an excellent destination for excursions, and their total area is 4.5 hectares.
Kallioinen ranta ja tyyni meri.
Photo: Helsingin kaupunki


There are three Käärmeluoto islands: northern, western and eastern. They are all tall, sometimes steep, rocky and magnificent islands with barren vegetation. The northern Käärmeluoto island has a sandy beach, otherwise the beaches are rocky. However, the islands are a great destination for excursions. 


There are boat mooring rings on the western shore of the western Käärmeluoto island. Käärmeluoto islands are not served by public transport. 

There is an excellent beach on the northern Käärmeluoto island.  

The Käärmeluoto islands have cooking shelters and the western and northern Käärmeluoto islands have toilets. 

Short-term camping is allowed on the northern and western Käärmeluoto islands. 

General rules 

In all outdoor recreation areas, observe everyman’s rights and rules and move responsibly in nature: 

Services of the island on the map

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Pictures of Käärmeluodot

Rantakallion takaa pilkottaa rantautunut vene.
Photo: Helsingin kaupunki
Meri ja rantaa, vene vesillä.
Photo: Helsingin kaupunki
Kalliota edessä, näkymä puiden lomasta merelle.
Photo: Helsingin kaupunki
Kaksi huussia metsässä.
Photo: Helsingin kaupunki