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Updated 8.11.2023


  • For safety reasons, masts must be taken down for the winter in boat storage areas.
  • Water and electricity have now been closed at the docks and winter storage areas. Water and electricity will be reopened, depending on weather conditions, starting from April 1, 2024.
  • Boat mooring invoices will be sent to customers who have had a boat mooring in the City of Helsinki during the past summer in early December 2023. The due date is January 8, 2024.

Important information regarding winter storage areas for boats!

For safety reasons, masts must be lowered for the winter. Boats can be moved to the winter storage area during the winter storage season. The placement of boats in the winter storage area must adhere to the guidelines provided by the City of Helsinki's Sports Services and the specific placement regulations visible in each winter storage area. Each boat owner is responsible for lifting and transferring their own boat from the winter storage area to their rented winter storage spot. Masts of sailboats brought to the winter storage area should not be left standing upright for the duration of the winter storage season.

Water taps, at winter storage areas and docks, have been turned off starting this autumn from mid-October. We began closing the taps from the east of Helsinki, with an estimated two-week duration for completion. Electricity in the winter storage areas will be switched off on November 1, 2023.

We would like to remind you that renting a space at a berth does not automatically include a winter storage spot or dry docking space. You must notify the city that your boat has been taken to an unmarked winter storage area every year. There are no designated spaces in the area; if there is available space, everyone is welcome. The allocation of areas is based on the order of storing your boat in the area, so reserving spaces with docking equipment does not comply with our rules. At the end of the winter storage period, supports and trailers must be moved to their designated locations or removed from the area to allow for cleaning and maintenance.

Winter storage checklist

Septic tank emptying locations will be closed for the winter

Septic tank emptying locations will be closed, beginning in East Helsinki. You can find the city-managed septic tank emptying locations on the map and listed by area. Septic tanks marked with a white background Helsinki emblem on the map are operational. Septic tanks marked in red are not in use.

Septic tank locations in Helsinki( the link leads you to a external service )(Link leads to external service)

Services for boaters

Important information about invoices in 2024

The 2024 boat berth invoices will be sent electronically in early December 2023. The due date for the invoices will be Monday, January 8, 2024. Please remember to update your contact information for berth reservations if your phone number or email address has changed, or if, for any other reason, you have not received the invoice in December. By paying the invoice, you secure your boat berth for the 2024 season. If you wish to let go of your boat berth, you can decline the offer through the payment link. There will be no price increases for the 2024 season.

Keeping your berth

The passage under the Finkensilta Bridge is still a construction site

The construction of Finkensilta Bridge has restricted the use of the waterway between Korkeasaari and Kalasatama. An alternative route passes through the strait between Mustikkamaa and Korkeasaari. Since it is not an official route, navigation is at the boat owner's own risk. The clearance height under the Korkeasaarensilta Bridge is 4.7 meters.

The work bridge at Finkensilta has now been completely dismantled, but for safety reasons, we do not recommend passing under Finkensilta. The waterway under the bridge will be open for use by the next sailing season.

The passage under the Finkensilta Bridge is still a construction site (in Finnish)(Link leads to external service)

Construction of Crown Bridges affects boating in summer 2024   

The Crown Bridges are being built in a busy boating area. Check the Crown Bridges website for the most up-to-date information for boaters. The website contains the latest information on the bridge construction site.   

Go to the Crown Bridges website for boaters (in Finnish) (Link leads to external service)

Näkymä kalliolta merelle, jossa lipuu alus.
Photo: © Helsingin kaupunki