Vaakkoi outdoor recreation area

The Vaakkoi outdoor recreation area is located in Espoo, along Vihdintie. The City of Helsinki acquired the Vaakkoi area in 1972 and 1976. Its area covers approximately 600 hectares.
Opastaulu metsässä.
Photo: Jonna Saari / Retkipaikka

Services of the outdoor recreation area on the map

The area has a lot of fishing spots and unmarked hiking trails. 

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Description of the outdoor recreation area 

Vaakkoi is a wilderness-like forest area dotted by several ponds and cliffs. Vaakkoi is an ideal option for an independent hiker with outdoor skills. There is a bottom of an old tar pit a few hundred metres from the parking area. 

There are no services in the Vaakkoi outdoor recreation area supporting outdoor activities. The closest services can be found in the Luukkaa outdoor recreation area, approximately 5 km away. 

The outdoor recreation area’s information board is along Vihdintie, a sign guiding to the bottom of the old tar pit. 

It is forbidden to make a fire in the area. 

Members of Helsingin Latu association have access to the Vaakkoi wilderness hut. 

Vaakkoi wilderness hut, location on map (Link leads to external service) 

There is a lean-to for six people on Kämmenlampi that is free to use. Toilets can be found along the Vihdintie road and on the Saarijärvi beach. 

There are no guided hiking trails in the area. Numerous unmarked paths crisscross in the terrain that hikers can take make use of according to their imagination and skills. Hiking along the forest paths, you can find the outdoor recreation areas of Karjakaivo in the south and Luukkaa in the east. 

Recreational fishing is permitted in the area’s ponds: Vaakkoi, Saaren Musta, Iso Lehmälampi and Pikku Lehmälampi.

General rules 

In all outdoor areas, observe Everyman’s Rights and rules and move responsibly in nature: