Winter swimming spots

There are around twenty winter swimming spots in Helsinki. Some of the swimming spots are only open for members of winter swimming clubs, while others are open to all at times.
Henkilö kävelee lumessa kohti avantoa.
Photo: Sasa Tkalcan, Kurkista / Helsinki Partners

There are almost 20 winter swimming spots in Helsinki. The winter swimming spots are operated by winter swimming clubs and companies to which the city has leased the swimming spots. Winter swimming spots are not maintained by the city itself. 

The winter swimming spots have varying services, some offer not only swimming, but also a sauna. At its simplest, a winter swimming spot includes a warm changing room, a hole in the ice and stairs leading to the hole. 

In many winter swimming spots, you have to be a club member to go swimming. Some winter swimming spots organise winter swimming for a one-time fee, which means that you can go swimming without membership.

Winter swimming spots in Helsinki on map

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