Purolahti birdwatching platform

The Purolahti birdwatching platform provides a view of the Viikki research farm fields and bird ponds dug near the platform.

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Hakalanniemi , 00560 Helsinki View location on service map
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Observe water basins and fields 

The Purolahti birdwatching platform is small and accessible. It offers good views of the wet meadows along Viikinoja, the water basins of Viikinoja and Purolahti, and the fields and wooded areas of Viikki. Viikinoja flows in the foreground and melts in early spring, attracting grey herons who come to the area to fish. The bean goose and white-fronted goose, on the other hand, land near the platform during the migration period. The song of the song thrushes, robins and treecreeper in the adjacent forest can be heard all the way to the stage. The northern goshawk often hunts in the fields in front of the platform, and flocks of birds flee from it, taking flight. You can also see the great grey shrike that preys on small mammals. 

Arrival at the Purolahti birdwatching platform 

The Purolahti birdwatching platform is approximately 1.5 km from Viikintie by foot (Latokartano stop, Koetilantie 1). 


Hakalanniemi , 00560 Helsinki
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