Building Control Services and other Urban Environment Division services will be closed from 8 to 28 July 2024.

During the closure, Building Control Services will not arrange preliminary negotiations or process permits. In addition, the following services will be closed: Building Control Services archive and scheduling services, Soil and Bedrock customer service as well as the processing of neighbour’s consents related to geothermal heating if the neighbour is the City of Helsinki.

City Survey Services are mainly closed from 8 to 28 July 2024. Only exceptionally urgent work will be completed during the closure. Customer service will be open as usual. 

Detailed plans and maps for builders

The City of Helsinki’s Map Service features many types of maps, including local detailed plans that govern specific areas and cadastral maps of land parcels. Construction drawings stored in the City of Helsinki's Building Control Services Archives can be bought from the online permit service Lupapiste’s shop. Source material for building permits can also be ordered from the Karttakori service. For underground cabling information, you can use the cabling information service, while the Soili e-service has information on soil surveys.

You can find a valid detailed plan free of charge from the City of Helsinki’s Map Service.

Go to “Detailed Plans” in the Map Service(Link leads to external service)

Follow these steps:

  1. A detailed plan directory opens from the link. Move to the desired area on the map either by dragging the mouse or using the address search in the upper left-hand corner (Search).
  2. Click on the desired location on the map.
  3. Basic information on the plan opens on the right. There is a download link to the official plan document below the basic information, from where you can download it to your computer in PDF and CAD formats.

The detailed plan can also be viewed as a map through the up-to-date detailed plan:

Go to “Valid Detailed Plan” in the Map Service.(Link leads to external service)

The Helsinki Map Service also offers a wide range of other city maps and resources, including:

  • Background maps: Guide maps, cadastral maps, aerial photographs, 3D city models and historical materials.
  • City and Traffic Planning: Under planning and valid detailed plan, master plans and traffic plans.  
  • Real Estates, Unseparated Parcels and Buildings: Real estates, plot divisions index, buildings, etc.
  • Available Plots: Commercial and residential plots available in the city.
  • Environment and Nature: Protected attractions, valuable nature areas, Siberian flying squirrel habitat network, etc.

Lupapiste is a nationwide online permit service. Accessing drawings that are stored in the service is subject to a charge. 

You can buy the following construction drawings from the Helsinki Building Control Service Archives in the Lupapiste shop:

  • layout plans
  • master drawings
  • façade drawings
  • special plans (water, sewer and ventilation systems and structural plans).

Go to the Lupapiste shop (link)(Link leads to external service)

Drawings associated with permits defined as confidential under the Act on the Openness of Government Activities are not available at Lupapiste. These include, for example, building plans for schools and daycare centres. Drawings of buildings used by the armed forces, police, rescue services, social services, health services and education providers, among others, are likewise not available in the service. 
Visit the Building Control Services Archives to view material free of charge. 

Read more on the Building Control Services Archives homepage

Go to the Lupapiste shop(Link leads to external service)

Karttakori is an online service (in Finnish) that allows you to obtain source material for construction planning, in addition to other digital map material.

You can order the following map materials from the Karttakori service:

  • Initial planning data material, i.e. a building permit map
  • Digital materials
  • A separate statement of ownership.

See the Digital Maps page for more information about the use of the Karttakori service and the products available.

Go to the Digital Maps page

Go to the Karttakori service (in Finnish)(Link leads to external service)

Contact information: opens default mail program) or tel. +358 (0)9 310 22111(Link starts a phone call).

Check the City Survey Services price list for Karttakori material prices (PDF) (in Finnish) (Link leads to external service)

The Cable Location Service is the city’s central underground cable and structure location service that serves those performing excavation, drilling, digging and planning work. 

  • Cable map extracts in the PDF format (typically for the sale of a property, scale 1:500) are ordered and delivered through the Map Products service of the City Survey Services at opens default mail program). The PDF cable map extract is a product subject to a fee (€25). For ordering them, the customer’s billing information is always needed in the order email. 
  • In the case of digital cable map material (dgn, dwg) required for planning or similar work, the material (an area of max. 0,25 km2, €62.00) must be ordered either through the Karttakori map service or by email at opens default mail program).

The Soili service for ground survey information is intended for planning offices only. There you can retrieve soil- and ground surveys and base maps for the area you need, diagrams and cross-sections printed in image file for the area you need, ground survey-  and groundwater data in infra format for the area you need, and rock-reinforced boreholes in CSV format.

Go to the Soili service(Link leads to external service)

The Helsinki coordinate system is the ETRS-GK25 (EPSG:3879) and the height system is N2000.

The coordinate system of the City of Helsinki geographical  data is the ETRS-GK25 coordinate system (EPSG:3879) and the height system is N2000. The systems have been in place since December 2012. The height figures of the previous NN height system will be changed to the N2000 system by adding 305 mm to the height figure.