Commencement meeting, commencement notification and special plans

Read about booking a commencement meeting, making a commencement notification and submitting special plans.

The party starting the construction project must agree on the time of the commencement meeting with Building Control, if the building permit requires having a meeting. The meeting must be convened before starting construction.

For all other construction work or operations subject to permit, such as earthworks before construction, a commencement notification must be made to Helsinki Building Control before starting the work, if it is not necessary to convene a commencement meeting.

The construction work may be started when:

- the permit decision concerning the construction work has become legally valid

- the site supervisor in charge has been approved

- the supervisor for plumbing and sewerage work has been approved, if necessary

- the special plans required by the permit decision have been submitted to Building Control

- the commencement meeting has been held or the commencement notification has been made.

Book a commencement meeting

Book a commencement meeting with the inspection engineer or master builder responsible for supervising construction sites in the area. Call during the telephone service hours, Mon 9-10 and Thu 9-10. You can find the contact information in the map service.

Additional information

Content of the commencement meeting:

- agreeing on the inspection document procedure for the construction work
- appointing persons to inspect the work phases and construction phases
- recording other matters relating to quality assurance.

The party starting the construction project is responsible for appointing the responsible persons.

Required attendees at the commencement meeting:

- Building Control representative
- party starting the construction project or the party's representative
- principal designer of the building
- site supervisor in charge.

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Book an appointment for the presentation of special plans

Get hours for presenting specific plans to the inspector from Building Control Services customer service.

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Special plans include for example the following:

- structural drawings and calculations
- ventilation plans
- plans for the water supply and sewerage system of the property
- ground surveys
- foundation method statements
- pile-driving and measurement records
- any statements made during the construction phase.

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Submit special plans

Submit the special plans and sign them electronically via Lupapiste. Once you have booked a presentation time and submitted your plans to Lupapiste, please notify the inspection engineer responsible for the area by email. You can find the contact information in the map service.

Additional information

When presenting special plans, follow these guidelines, for example:

- Documents must have a cover page with just one properly filled-in title page, a revision table and a location chart, if any, and sufficient space for filing notations.

- Drawing illustrations, specification texts, references to documents or a distribution table should not be extended to the cover page.

- The title should contain information about the building, the planner, the planner's qualifications and the contents of the drawing.

- If there are more than 10 plans, also include a list of drawings.
The files must be in PDF/A format.

Guidance on construction plans and surveys from the Ministry of the Environment.

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Submit special plans

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