Construction of cycle paths

Over the next few years, we will build and improve the cycling paths in Helsinki, particularly in the inner city. We will also continue to expand the Baana network.

Bicycle traffic plans

Baana refers to a high-quality and straight cycling route that allows cyclists to cycle at a steady speed. Once completed, the Baana network will form a regional network of cycle paths that will extend 148 kilometres, connecting major residential areas to the city centre and employment hubs.  

We are currently building the Baana network one section at a time. The sections already available to cyclists include the Baana in the city centre, the section of the northern Baana extending from Hakamäentie Käpylä Station, and the cycling street on Kulosaaren puistotie, which is part of the eastern Baana. Over the next few years, we will focus on the plans for northern and eastern Baanas (known in Finnish as Pohjoisbaana and Itäbaana) in particular.

Helsinki’s Baana network plan on a map

View the map larger: Baana network plan (PDF, in Finnish)

Photo: Jenni Huovinen

Over the next few years, the focus will be on constructing bikeways in the inner city, as the amount of bicycle traffic is high there. The focus will be on one-way cycle paths and lanes and improving the traffic arrangements at junctions. The continuity of the bikeways will also be a priority. 

Planned cycling route network for the inner city by 2025 on a map

Forecast of how the cycling route network will develop in the inner city in the next few years. Photo: Mikko Airikka / Koponen+Hildén Oy
Forecast of how the cycling route network will develop in the inner city in the next few years. Photo: Mikko Airikka / Koponen+Hildén Oy

Currently under construction

We often build cycle paths as part of larger street construction projects. Read below how we will improve bikeways in the following projects.   

How will bicycle traffic be arranged on Helsinginkatu once the roadwork is completed?  

Cycling will take place on one-way cycle paths along the entire length of the Helsinginkatu street, making cycling safer and more functional. The bikeways will be clearly defined. On the street named Läntinen Brahenkatu, the cycle path on side of the street near the Brahe Field will be converted into a one-way cycle path heading north. Bicycle traffic heading south will use the roadway.   

How will bicycle traffic be arranged on Runeberginkatu once the roadwork is complete? 

Cyclists will use one-way cycle paths. However, one-way cycle paths will not be built in the section of the Runeberginkatu street extending from the Töölöntori Square to Caloniuksenkatu until a tram line is built in west Helsinki in the late 2020s. 

A new underpass for cyclists and pedestrians called Kaisatunneli will be built underneath the tracks at the Central Railway Station. The ends of the underpass will be located on the street of Töölönlahdenkatu and at the southwestern corner of the park known as Kaisaniemenpuisto, respectively.  

The conditions for cycling and pedestrian traffic are being improved on Lauttasaarentie street. One-way cycle lanes will be built between Meripuistotie street and the Lauttasaari Bridge. New stairs will be built for pedestrians on the northern side of the bridge, at the underpass and hiking trail.

Construction of the Itäbaana cycling path section between Suunnittelijankatu and Valurinkatu streets began in June 2022 in Herttoniemi. The construction work will be completed in late summer 2023.

Between Suunnittelijankatu and Valurinkatu, Itäbaana will mainly run next to the Itäväylä noise barrier. The current combined pedestrian and cycling path will remain available for pedestrians after Itäbaana is completed.

Itäbaana, the cycling path between eastern Helsinki and the city centre, will be built in phases. The first section on Kulosaaren puistotie street was completed in 2021.

Street and park construction projects on a map

On the map, you can also find cycling-related projects that are being planned or under construction.

Brown: Planned street and park sites ​​​
Red: Street and park construction sites this year
Blue: Street and park construction sites next year

Street and park construction projects on a map - Open larger map(Link leads to external service)