Building Control Services and other Urban Environment Division services will be closed from 8 to 28 July 2024.

During the closure, Building Control Services will not arrange preliminary negotiations or process permits. In addition, the following services will be closed: Building Control Services archive and scheduling services, Soil and Bedrock customer service as well as the processing of neighbour’s consents related to geothermal heating if the neighbour is the City of Helsinki.

City Survey Services are mainly closed from 8 to 28 July 2024. Only exceptionally urgent work will be completed during the closure. Customer service will be open as usual. 

Advice for construction projects

Determine whether your project can be implemented and apply for the required permits. Review project-related instructions.

Select a construction project

Building a detached house

What is the process for building a single-family house? What kinds of building permits do I need?   What are some of things that I should consider? Find all of your answers here.

Renovations and alteration work

This section contains instructions for renovation and alteration on a building or dwelling, including wet rooms, fireplaces, balconies, terraces, windows, doors, facades and technical equipment. It also has information on common housing construction projects in housing cooperatives such as the installation of lifts, pipe renovation and attic construction.

Garden construction

This section contains tips for the construction of structures and landscaping in your garden. Learn about what is required to build a conservatory or glassed-in veranda, outdoor sauna, shed, a shelter for your waste containers or other such structures. Fences, paving stones and plants are also covered, as are parking spaces, swimming pools and hot tubs.

Tree felling and demolition of buildings

 Before you can demolish a building, you will need either a demolition permit or you must submit a demolition notice. Read also, when you can fell trees without the city’s permission and when you need your neighbour’s consent to fell trees.

Geothermal heating

What kinds of different permits are required to for the construction of geothermal wells?  What are the stages of the process?


Earthworks and water processing

This section has instructions for excavation and blasting, landscaping, storm water management in plots, treatment of household wastewater in sparsely populated areas, and construction in groundwater areas.