Bicycle parking and services

You can find bike racks in many places around Helsinki: along the streets, in parks, at market squares and in recreational areas. Park-and-Ride facilities for bicycles are also available to you near public transport stations.

More bike racks for the city

Every year, we add parking facilities for several hundreds of bicycles in Helsinki. We also replace old bike racks with new, safer versions that allow bicycles to be secured by their frame.

When parking your bicycle downtown, we recommend using bike racks. If no public bike racks are available nearby, make sure to park your bicycle in a way that does not inconvenience others. A good rule of thumb is that you should stop and park on the side of the street, with your bicycle aligned in the direction of traffic.

A map of public bike racks in the City of Helsinki Map Service(Link leads to external service)

Instructions for reading the map: To see more details about a bike rack, click on or hover over the bike rack. If you see the word ‘kaariteline’ in the bike rack’s details, it means a type of bike rack that allows you to secure your bicycle by its frame. These additional details on bike racks are necessary information to maintenance staff. For Helsinki residents, the map mainly shows the locations of bike racks.

Bike racks and Koivusaari metro station.
Pictured above are bike racks in front of Koivusaari metro station. This type of bike rack allows you to secure your bike by its frame. Photo: Riku Pihlanto

Park your bicycle at a station 

Park-and-Ride facilities are available for bicycles near public transport stations. Bicycle parking is free of charge at Park-and-Ride facilities. Tip! In Kalasatama, you can also find a locked Park-and-Ride facility that you can access with your Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) card.  

Park-and-Ride facilities for bicycles near stations on a map (HSL)(Link leads to external service)

City Transport is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Park-and-Ride facilities in Helsinki, as well as for bicycle parking at metro and train stations.  Read more about Park-and-Ride facilities for bicycles and changes on the City Transport website(Link leads to external service)