Notification of small-scale waste recovery in earth construction

Notify us if your earth construction involves small-scale waste recovery.

You may use materials classified as waste in earth construction if it happens on a small scale, and you comply with the City of Helsinki environmental protection regulations (sections 14 and 15). However, please always check before submitting a notification whether the use of waste requires an environmental permit or a MARA notification. For more information, please contact

If you are a property holder, you must submit a monitoring notification of the waste recovery to the City of Helsinki Environmental Services. If you are a tenant on a leased plot, you need the landowner's permission.

The notification must be submitted no later than 30 days before starting the waste recovery.

Submit a notification of small-scale waste recovery in earth construction

Submit a monitoring notification via the Lupapiste service. We do not charge a fee for processing the notification.

Use the online service

Submit a monitoring notification

Requires authentication.

Instructions for submitting a monitoring notification

Before submitting a monitoring notification, please ensure that the waste recovery complies with the requirements laid down in sections 14 and 15 of the City of Helsinki environmental protection regulations.

  • What kind of waste is it (concrete/brick waste, crushed asphalt, gritting sand, crushed stone etc.)?
  • Where does the waste come from?
  • How has the waste been pretreated?
  • Where will the waste be deposited?
  • How much waste will be deposited?
  • When will the waste be deposited?

  • Any analysis results describing the environmental impact of the waste.
  • A map illustration of the site where the waste will be deposited.
  • An explanation and a possible cross section of how the waste is to be placed in the soil.
  • The landowner’s consent.