Plot draws and competitions

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Finished plot draws and competitions

You can find past plot draws and competitions on the Finished plot draws and competitions  page.

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The city organises various plot conveyance competitions.

A price competition is usually organised for selling a plot whose detailed plan has been confirmed and that is ready for construction. The winner of the competition will be chosen on the basis of the highest bid price.

A key money competition is organised to lease the plot. A plot with a strong detailed plan will be leased to the party having bid the key money under the terms of the competition programme.

A quality and concept competition will be organised for the allocation of a plot with a strong detailed plan when special conditions are to be set for the construction of the plot. The draw criteria may include the energy efficiency or architectural design of the building to be built on the plot.

A quality and concept competition can also be organised when a new purpose is sought for a previously unbuilt or built property. In that case, the draw criteria are often the functional concept and architectural quality of the proposed project.

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