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Business parking permit

A business parking permit allows you to either park near your company's business premises or park almost anywhere in the inner city, both for a low monthly fee.

Owners of a regional business parking permit can park in designated resident parking spaces in the resident parking zone where their company is located. With a business parking permit that extends to all of the zones, you can park freely in all of Helsinki's resident parking zones.

The business parking permit is intended for companies, public entities and entrepreneurs.
The City of Helsinki grants a maximum of five permits (five vehicles) per one company location. A single permit may only be used by the specific vehicle noted on the permit. We do not grant permits for commuter parking.

You can get a permit for a car, van, motorcycle, motorised quadricycle or another vehicle with a maximum mass of four tonnes that is owned by a company or its employees.

A regional permit costs €30.83 and a permit for all the city's zones costs €61.66 per month per vehicle, including value-added tax. Low-emission vehicles receive a 50 per cent discount on the business parking permit fee.

Apply for a business parking permit

You can apply for a business parking permit or extend the validity of your buseinss parking permit by email to, or by visiting the Urban Environment Division's customer service point in person.

You can buy a permit for 1-12 months at a time, If are applying by email, however, you can only apply for a permit for a maximum of six months at a time.

How the process works

When applying for a business parking permit, please provide us with the following information:
- a certificate stating the company's address, issued within the last month by the property manager or real estate company (a rental agreement is not a sufficient certificate)
- the vehicle license plate numbers and the company's business ID
- information on whether the company would like a permit for one region or all zones
- the time period for which the company would like to buy a permit

If the car is owned by or in the possession of a company employee, also provide a certificate of the employment relationship and the most recent payslip or an extract from the Finnish Incomes Register, showing the kilometre allowance paid for use of the car for work.


If you apply for a permit by email, we will email you the permit invoice. The permit will come into effect once we have received the payment. If you apply for a permit in person at the customer service point, you can pay with cash or a debit or credit card.

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Terminate a business parking permit

Each business parking permit's validity ends automatically at the end of the payment period, if it is not renewed in time. If you wish, you can terminate the permit in the middle of the payment period by email or by returning the permit to the Urban Environment Division's customer service point. We will refund any full months you have paid for in advance.

Processing time

The permit's period of validity ends on the day when you return it to the customer service point.

Additional information

If you want to terminate your business parking permit by email, please provide the following information in your message:
- your name
- your contact information
- the business parking permit's details
- your bank account number for a possible refund.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I recognise resident parking spaces?

Resident parking spaces are marked with an additional panel placed below the parking sign. The additional panels may say ‘Ei koske P-tunnuksella L’ (Does not apply to parking permits marked with an L), for example.
Vehicles with a business parking permit cannot park in parking spaces reserved for car sharing companies, which are indicated with a Z panel under the parking sign.

How is the validity of permits monitored?

Parking inspectors check the validity of permits based on vehicle’s license plate numbers.

Service points

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