Address numbers

This page provides information about the address numbers of plots and buildings and the addresses of apartments.

City Survey Services confirms the address number of a plot

City Survey Services confirms the address number of a plot once a plot division or plot division change has been confirmed, or if the detailed plan has changed an accessway or street name. The address number and the street name form the street address of the real estate (plot) or building, e.g. Kotikatu 1.

When an address number is assigned to a plot, the plot’s street address is confirmed with an address decision. Address decisions are made by City Survey Services.

Address decisions are forwarded to Posti and the Population Information System, so the resident is not required to change their address. The decisions are forwarded from the City to the parties concerned and the following:

  • Digital and Population Data Services Agency
  • Helen Electricity Network Ltd
  • Helen Ltd, connection customers
  • Helsinki Region Environmental Services (HSY)
  • National Land Survey of Finland
  • Posti

Address numbers can be changed, if so required, by the detailed plan or a plot division. Address number changes are decided on by City Survey Services.

Address numbers can be made clearer if they cause repeated confusion despite appropriate address signs. The owner of the plot is responsible for the address signs.

The Urban Environment Division is not responsible for updating commercial maps (e.g. Google Maps).

Building Control Services provides instructions regarding stairwell letters and apartment numbers

The address of an apartment consists of the street address of the plot and, depending on the building type, a stairwell letter and apartment number assigned to the apartment. The address of a detached house usually only consists of the street address.

If necessary, Building Control Services provides planners with instructions regarding the stairwell letters and apartment numbers of new buildings in connection with the building permit process.

Each stairwell of the buildings on the plot must be marked with sequential capital letters. The sign must be lit when it is dark. The apartments of the building must be marked with sequential numbers throughout the building, starting from the bottom floor of stairwell A. The apartments of a semi-detached house can be marked with letters

Read more detailed instructions: Address and Register Data Maintenance Instructions for Designers (in Finnish, PDF)

You can ask for information about stairwell, apartment or building identifiers from Building Control Services by contacting opens default mail program) or Sirpa Pirinen-Stürmer, tel. +358 (0)9 310 26484(Link starts a phone call), or Jesse Piirainen, tel. +358 (0)9 310 26483(Link starts a phone call).