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Cycling routes

Helsinki features a comprehensive bike path network that provides an easy way to move about the city.

Cycling routes with intensified winter maintenance

The intensified winter maintenance network covers roughly 75 kilometres of bikeways, from the western district of Lauttasaari to the eastern district of Vuosaari and from Malmi to the city centre. We carry out this maintenance by sweeping and salting or by ploughing.

See the routes on a map

Read more about winter maintenance of cycle paths


The city centre’s Baana route is one of the cycling routes covered by intensified winter maintenance. Photo: Aki Antinkaapo


In the future, the most functional cycling routes in Helsinki will be cycle paths called Baanas. They are high-quality cycle paths that will form an interconnected network once completed.  

We are currently building this network one section at a time, and some sections are already available to cyclists. For example, you can cycle along the Baana in the city centre, the section of the northern Baana extending from Hakamäentie to Käpylä Station, or the bicycle street on Kulosaaren puistotie, which is part of the eastern Baana. 

See the Baana network plan and read more about Baanas on the ‘Construction of cycle paths’ page

The city centre’s Baana route extends from the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in the Kluuvi district to the Ruoholahti area in the Länsisatama district. The route is 1.3 kilometres long. Photo: Janne Saavalainen
The city centre’s Baana route extends from the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in the Kluuvi district to the Ruoholahti area in the Länsisatama district. The route is 1.3 kilometres long. Photo: Janne Saavalainen

Frequently asked questions about cycling

You can cycle on cycle paths, cycle lanes or roadways. Cycling is also allowed on cycling lanes in streets, residential streets and pedestrian streets. Pavements are reserved for pedestrians, and only children under the age of 12 may cycle on them.  

See the traffic rules for cyclists on the Finnish Cyclists’ Federation website (in Finnish).

You can also cycle on the city’s recreational routes and park corridors. See the guidelines concerning natural areas if you plan to go cycling in nature.


E-scooters belong on the same paths as bicycles. In other words, please use a cycle path, cycle lane or, if neither are available, the roadway. E-scooters are subject to the same traffic rules as bicycles.

See the traffic rules for cyclists (Finnish Cyclists’ Federation, in Finnish)  

Mopeds and electric mopeds belong on the roadway. However, you may ride a moped on a cycle path if there is a sign that says ‘sallittu mopoille’ (mopeds allowed) on the cycle path.

 Cycle paths in Helsinki that allow mopeds, indicative (pdf, in Finnish)

Electric bicycles are subject to the same rules as normal bicycles. Electric bicycles travelling faster than 25 km/h are an exception to this, as they are comparable to mopeds. Because of this, they belong on the roadway or cycle paths that allow mopeds.


There are a variety of bikeways in Helsinki: 

  • A cycle lane is a lane designated for cyclists at the edge of the roadway. 
  • A cycle path is a separate route designated for cyclists, segregated from the roadway. Most new cycle paths in Helsinki are one-way, but there are some two-way cycle paths. 
  • On shared-use paths, cyclists and pedestrians use the same paths. Pedestrians are allowed to walk along both sides of the path, while cyclists must stay close to the right side of the path in the direction they are facing.  See the Finnish Road Safety Council website for the rules for pedestrian paths and bikeways (in Finnish)

Bikeway markings and the signs placed along them tell you what type of bikeway you are on. 


We are currently putting together a map of the cycle paths and main cycling routes in Helsinki. The map will be completed in 2022.  

You can see the routes suitable for bicycles in the Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) Journey Planner.  Simply choose Bike as the mode of transport in the settings. You can also see the cycling routes on Google Maps by choosing Bike under Directions.  

Old maps

Helsinki previously offered a printed cycling map of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Cycling route maps of different districts of Helsinki were also available for download on our website. We no longer update these maps. When complete, the new Helsinki cycling map will partly replace these maps.

We have archived the old City cycling routes in PDF format in the City of Helsinki Media Bank. You can download them from there for your own use. Please keep in mind that the maps are not up to date. Please use them only for preliminary route planning.